11th Feb 2008

50 First Dates (2004)

Question: I know that the condition Lucy suffers from in the movie does not really exist. But what about the condition suffered by 10-second Tom, who loses his memory every 10 seconds. Does that condition really exist?


Answer: Yes it is called anterograde amnesia.

Answer: You might be interested in reading this. Clive Wearing looses his memory after 7 seconds

Chosen answer: Nope. A variation of the conditions exists. The memories are lost to be replaced by more recent ones, instead of a complete "reset" at the end of a consistent cycle.

Phixius Premium member

Answer: Actually, there is a British woman named Michelle Philpots, whose story might have inspired the movie. She was in a motorbike accident and later, a car accident. She wakes up every day and believes that she is still in the year 1994. Unlike the Lucy character, however, she can unexpectedly forget things during the day, instead of being "reset" over night.

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