4th Nov 2014

Aladdin (1992)

Question: Jafar apparently knows that genies can grant only three wishes, since he refers to his wish for Jasmine to fall in love with him as his "final wish." He appears to be tricked into thinking that this wish has been granted because of how Jasmine acts seconds later. Later on, Jafar makes a wish to become a genie. I've never understood it, if Jafar thinks his original final wish has been granted, why would he make a second final wish?

Answer: Because he realizes a very short time later that Jasmine was faking, therefore that wish was not actually granted. Jafar isn't an idiot, he figures things out pretty quickly.

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19th Feb 2013

Aladdin (1992)

Question: Throughout the whole movie, why does Jasmine have such hostility toward Jafar? The scene where Aladdin was captured by the guards on Jafar's orders, she seems angry that Jafar had a stranger taken from the market place. In the scene of Jasmine's and Jafar's first appearance together, she confronts him angrily asking Jafar about the arrest. When his reply was justifiable she is still upset with him. And in the scene where the Sultan, Jafar, and Jasmine are all in the room discussing the incident, Jasmine says she wants to get rid of Jafar. (00:23:20 - 00:41:15)

Answer: Because Jasmine sees Jafar for what he is; a lying, manipulative, power-hungry villain.

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Answer: Also, Jasmine reveals in that first scene that Aladdin's arrest wasn't justifiable. Jafar told her he had him arrested for kidnapping her, to which Jasmine reveals that he didn't kidnap her; she ran away. Then Jafar reveals that he had Aladdin executed, which can seemingly only be done upon approval from the sultan. Jasmine loathes him so much because he allowed for the death of an innocent boy without checking with anyone first.

Jafar didn't have to check with the sultan to execute someone before. The sultan came up with that rule to avoid future confusion.


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