Corrected entry: The "stone" Ace finds in snowflake's tank is supposed to be a cut of "Orange Amber." This is questionable as amber (which isn't really a stone, but is actually a resin) is extremely delicate and dissolves easily even in untreated water, take into account the amount of chemicals present in an aquarium and a piece as small as the ones used in the ring wouldn't stand a chance.

Correction: Unless it was coated in a clear lacquer. Which is almost certainly was. This would allow the owner of the ring in which this setting was to placed to not have to remove the ring every time they took a shower or went swimming. Without a lacquer finish the setting would eventually dissolve away even through normal wear and use.

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Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film, Ace's landlord says how he "heard animals scratching around" in Ace's apartment. Ace then lets him inside to snoop around, but at his signal all the animals hide. Thing is, the landlord would have a master key that would allow him access to all his tenants' apartments, so why didn't he just have a look himself when Ace wasn't home?

Correction: Because it's illegal for a landlord to enter a tenant's rented space without permission from the tenant.

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Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie when the dolphin is stolen, Finkle puts his hand (wearing the Superbowl ring) on the tank. This is a man's hand, however, Finkle would have a woman's hand seeing as he is posing as Lieutenant Einhorn at this time. There is also no way he could have been Finkle at this point in time because later in the movie it is shown that "she" has been a lieutenant for a while.

Correction: Whilst you are correct that her hands should remain the same size, if you pause the film at the right moment, you can see it is in fact a man, with a man's face, and possibly a black beard (or balaclava), conducting the dolphin-napping. Einhorn shouldn't look like her old Ray Finkle self at this point, unless it was only meant to show her mannish hands to throw us off and they accidentally caught the male actor's face in the clip.

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Correction: Finkle had breast implants. He didn't have an operation altering the bone structure in his hands. There's no reason the hands shouldn't look like a man's.

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