Question: Billy admits that he shot his wife and daughters to save them from a more horrible death at the hands of the vampires. Grieving, he says, "I tried to shoot myself, too, but the fucking gun jammed." But Billy is a deputy sheriff, and any competent law officer can resolve a jammed gun in a matter of seconds. Did Billy actually chicken-out of killing himself after murdering his family?

Charles Austin Miller

Answer: Perhaps Billy was not a competent law officer. Or maybe you were right he chickened out. Billy could have killed himself in other ways. Other ways more quiet than gunshot.

Alan Keddie

Exactly. How could he go on living after killing his whole family? A minor problem such as a gun jam shouldn't have prevented him from committing suicide. In fact, he couldn't become a law enforcement officer without demonstrating a proficiency with firearms, including the ability to field-service his weapon quickly in an emergency. The simple procedure for fixing a jammed firearm is at the top of the list of required skills.

Charles Austin Miller

Are we ignoring that he was obviously extremely distraught at this time? My take on this has always been that he pulled the trigger, the gun jammed, and he just gave up on everything. He literally didn't care enough about anything at that point to even bother taking his own life anymore. Let the vampires take him; or not. His family is gone, by his hand no less, nothing at all matters anymore. I didn't see it as an inability to clear the jam, I saw it as a psychological breakdown that resulted in complete and total apathy. The jam was nothing more than the straw that broke the camel's back.

Phixius Premium member

If he gave up on everything, why did he covertly signal Eben with a flashlight? If Billy had truly given up, why not just walk out into the street and be slaughtered by the vampires, rather than continuing to hide?

Charles Austin Miller

15th Mar 2018

Speaker for the Dead

Plot hole: It took Ender only a few hours to unravel a mystery that 3 generations of highly educated and skilled xenologists and xenobiologists were unable to do. Pipo, of the first generation, was restricted by the rules imposed on him by the congress and he found out the truth but died because of it. After that Libo should have simply asked the piggies what happened and should have digged into the piggies' reproduction system, like he should have done in the first place as that is his job. Both Libo and Miro and Ouanda broke the rules so they shouldn't have had a problem with asking the right questions. They weren't afraid of the piggies either, loved them even. Libo would have had the answer to the reason for the death of his father and understood the piggies in a week, even though Novinha had hid the original data. If not him Miro and Ouanda would have had plenty of time to figure it out as well, just by asking questions. They would have learned a lot more about the descolada virus decades sooner as well, giving them more chance to combat it successfully.


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Suggested correction: This entry first claims that it took three generations to find the solution, then states that individual in the first generation found it. If one xenologist can arrive at the solution from scratch, a literal genius like Ender can certainly rapidly come to the same conclusion using the data the next two generations compiled in the meantime.

Phixius Premium member

They were all geniuses. The other 2 generations should have found out just a quickly or even quicker if they would have just simply done their jobs. It doesn't make sense.


They were all highly intelligent, but Ender was in a class all by himself.

Phixius Premium member

But in Xenocide Miro's siblings like Ela, Olhado, Quarra and Grego are in the same league as Ender in intelligence, solving impossible questions without either Ender or Valentine even grasping it well enough to understand. Surely Miro isn't the only one lacking. They got that genius from their parents, the second generation xenologists Libo and Novinha who are both geniuses as well. At least the third generation should have figured it out long before Ender showed up. Mostly my point is they haven't actually done their job in all this time instead of them not being as smart as Ender to figure it out. Just ask the right questions like Ender did and voila. Its their job to ask questions but they didn't do it and their attitude towards the piggies is all wrong.


20th Oct 2017

It (2017)

Corrected entry: When the postcard gets splattered with blood, she never cleans it off. When the kids are cleaning the bathroom, the kid who gave it to her goes in her room and sees it. No blood on the postcard. He would be able to see the blood because he is a child. When her dad shows her the card before she kills him, it has blood on it from her point of view.

Correction: Only she saw the blood.

They all saw the blood, which is why they were all able to help clean the bathroom. The postcard should have had blood on it when Ben saw it in Beverly's room.

Phixius Premium member

Answer: Most likely to emphasize the power of the ring to corrupt men. It shows that Faramir was actually the stronger brother, because he was able to resist its power.

You mean that Faramir should have joined the Fellowship? Because I think if he joins the Fellowship, he would be corrupted. Or Is Faramir more stronger than Boromir?


Boromir is most motivated by glory for Gondor, whereas Faramir is most motivated by honor. Boromir was therefore more susceptible to the Ring's corruptive influence than Faramir was as the Ring has great power which Boromir believes Gondor could use to defeat Sauron. Faramir understands that the Ring must be destroyed at all costs, any other course of action is futile, and therefore dishonorable. Hence, he is able to resist the Ring's influence.

Phixius Premium member

16th Jan 2018

Silent Hill (2006)

Question: How does the cop end up in the alternate Silent Hill? Alissa doesn't need her, and she shows up after Rose has already explored a little. I wouldn't expect Alissa to leave the opening to The dark Silent Hill open (not how you trap someone). Furthermore when it shifts from them and the spitting monster to the father and police, the police are already there, how did they not end up in the dark hill?

Answer: It's never explained in the film, but in all likelihood, it's feasible that Alessa brought her into the "fog world" in order to help Rose with her goal. Especially as she likely senses that Cybill is protective of children, and thus would want to help find Sharon. Or she simply was pulled in somehow when she was pursuing Rose. It's difficult to say, since the "rules" for how the town works in the film adaptation are not as clear as the rules from the original video-game, and there are plenty of changes.

Answer: All three died in the wreck. This is how they were able to enter the purgatory version of Silent Hill and why Alessa and Rose returned to their own home to find it similarly deserted.

Phixius Premium member

Nobody died in the car-wreck. This is a fan-theory that got out of control and contradicts not only the sequel (where it's blatantly shown they are alive), but this film's internal logic (which operates on the idea of there being multiple realities/dimensions) and the logic of the video-game source material. (Which similarly operates on the idea of there being multiple realities).

Any word on why Alessa and Rose returned to a home that was shrouded in fog just like Silent Hill, and why they and Christopher could not see one another? They left Silent Hill but remained in the alternate dimension? I'm genuinely curious because this is the first I've heard that their deaths were just a fan theory. I know Alessa was in the sequel, but I just chalked that up to the sequel being a really, really bad film.

Phixius Premium member

The implication at the end of the movie seems to be that Sharon and Dark Alessa merged back together into one person, and she is purposely keeping herself and Rose in the fog-world. While the movie itself isn't clear about why, a common interpretation is that Alessa wants to be together with Rose forever, perhaps to have a mother figure. (Which is definitely keeping with the film's themes of motherhood and the repeated mantra about mother being god in the eyes of a child.) The sequel is admittedly really bad and ret-cons this. But neither film indicates that they died.


27th Dec 2017

Justice League (2017)

Corrected entry: In the fight after reviving Superman, Flash and Superman go full speed, while everybody else moves in super slow-motion. But Wonder Woman should not appear as slow as Cyborg or Aquaman. In the beginning of the film, she was fast enough to easily catch bullets.

That correction doesn't make sense. There was no reason why Superman went full speed, while Wonder Woman flew through the air in slow motion.

If I remember correctly, she wasn't flying through the air, she was falling toward her sword. Super-speed or not, gravity will only pull you down so fast.

Phixius Premium member

That is a different fight, before the resurrection. The entry refers to the fight with Superman. It should be noted that even in the scene you mention, she is able to grasp the sword pushed by Flash, so she is able to move inside the 'frozen' time, even if perhaps not at Superman's level.

Sammo Premium member

5th Nov 2002

Ghost (1990)

Corrected entry: The whole time Sam is a ghost, he is trying to touch things but can't supposedly, until the ghost in the subway shows him how. But during that whole time that he couldn't touch things, Sam could still go on the subway, (he would be able to jump through the subway doors, but would not fall through the floor when he landed) sit on couches, (he would sit on the couch, the cushions would move, but I'm sure if he tried to move the couch he wouldn't be able to) go up stairs, etc. It was a major part of the movie that he could not touch things, yet, he was touching things the whole time.

Correction: In the DVD commentary, the director explains about believing that as a ghost you can do something easy that you always did when you were alive such as walk up steps and sit down. Its all explained in the commentary.

Correction: If that's the case then why is it that right after he died he tried to touch his own face but couldn't? He had been touching things his whole life so it should have been second nature.

It's the difference between conscious and unconscious. You don't think about touching the floor, you just think about walking. You don't think about touching a chair, you're just sitting. Meanwhile you're actively thinking about touching something that you're reaching out to grab.

Phixius Premium member

Plot hole: At the end, Jake utilizes multiple Loops to reach September 4th, 1943, the date from which Miss Peregrine's children impossibly entered another Loop set in the winter at the beginning of 2016. The closest date prior to this was in 1942, from when Jake waits for September 4th 1943 to arrive. However, having entered a Loop in 1942, he would have been unable to reach 1943 because he'd be stuck living the same day in 1942 over and over.

Phixius Premium member

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Suggested correction: Is it possible he left the loop while in 1942? The movie doesn't directly address that idea.

It does address this, actually. He'd have reentered the true time period upon exiting the loop. I suppose he could have prevented the local ymbryne who created the loop from resetting it, but if he did, he'd have doomed all those peculiars in the process. Not something Jake would do.

Phixius Premium member

Several of the ymbrynes had been captured. It is very likely that the one who created that loop had been too, so the loop would have closed, and he could've lived in that time period.

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