5th Apr 2019

Smallville (2001)

Fragile - S5-E18

Other mistake: Maddie and her father can control only glass, but when at the Talon he uses his powers to pull the diamonds out of the stained glass. Diamonds aren't glass.

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Suggested correction: This may not necessarily be true by the way their powers work. Remember, diamonds are a form of rock that are clear. Glass is made from melted sand, which is a ground up type of rock that becomes clear. The similarities between diamonds and glass are enough that it is possible they could still do this.

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If more explanations of their powers were discussed in the show, one might be able to conclude they do or do not have power over diamonds. However, the script only states they have power over glass, they show no propensity for power over sand itself, or other rocks and minerals. As scripted, this remains as error as it go against what is established.


Diamonds are compressed carbon, not a form of rock. Glass is melted silicon. They're both clear materials, that doesn't mean they're equivalent, otherwise they'd be able to control clear plastic or any number of other things too.

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