20th Feb 2018

Holes (2003)

Factual error: Stanley's parents say they can't afford a lawyer, and go to court without one. A lawyer should've been provided for them free of charge, as it's one of your rights, which he would've been read when he was arrested.


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Suggested correction: After Stanley's grandfather says that they cannot afford a lawyer, Stanley's mother says, "we don't need a lawyer, Stanley will just tell the truth." Although Stanley does have the right to counsel, you can represent yourself in court, (or in this case if you are a minor, your parents can represent you in court) this is called "pro se."

Abraham Lincoln said something to the effect, "He who acts as his own attorney has a fool for a client." Yes, one can act as his/her own attorney, but the court/judge will generally strongly advise against doing so.


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