3rd Jul 2020

Casino Royale (2006)

Revealing mistake: In the torture scene, when we see a close-up of the chair while Le Chiffre hits Bond's testicles with a rope, the rope only hits the chair.


15th May 2020

Pay it Forward (2000)

Revealing mistake: When Trevor is stabbed, we can see the knife isn't in him, it's just pressed against his shirt.


5th Apr 2020

The Enforcer (1976)

Revealing mistake: When the man in the car is shot in the forehead, blood spurts out of the back of his head about a second after the bullet hole appears in his forehead.


18th Sep 2019

New Jack City (1991)

24th May 2019

Enter the Dragon (1973)

Revealing mistake: When Han is impaled on a spear, we can briefly see he's strapped to the mirror as it turns.


30th Aug 2018

Freedom Writers (2007)

Revealing mistake: When the boy accidentally shot himself, the gun wasn't pointed in the right direction at all.


10th Jun 2018

Gone Girl (2014)

24th Jan 2018

Donnie Brasco (1997)

Revealing mistake: In the basement shootout, when a man is shot in the stomach, we see a close-up of his guts hanging out, and there's tape around it.


21st Jan 2018

Hannibal (2001)

2nd Nov 2017

Chinatown (1974)

Revealing mistake: When Jack Nicholson slaps Faye Dunaway, the first time we can see he doesn't actually hit her. We see a shot of him raising his hand, then a shot of her jerking her head like she was slapped, but his hand doesn't touch her, or even go anywhere near her.


Revealing mistake: When Indy is whipped six times, the first time we can see the whip doesn't touch him, or go anywhere near him.


Revealing mistake: When a man is shot in the head, the bullet hits his hat, and it's very obvious there's no real bullet wound, his hat just opens and reveals a red hat he's wearing.


Revealing mistake: When Indy wraps his whip around an assassin's neck and hangs him on the fan, we can see it's not actually around his neck, it's just attached to his clothing.


Revealing mistake: When we see a close-up of a knife being pulled out of a man's stomach, it's obviously a prop knife where the blade goes into the handle, as we can see the end of the blade while it's being pulled out. (01:19:50)


7th Aug 2016

Copycat (1995)

Revealing mistake: When Bond's arm is scratched underwater, there's blood on his arm before it's scratched.


27th Jul 2015

Dolphin Tale (2011)

Revealing mistake: We see a girl in a wheelchair missing her right leg, but we can briefly see her foot tucked under her left leg.


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