Other mistake: After the Griswolds leave the German couple's house, the man says "Who the hell were they?", and the woman says "Beats the shit out of me." However, since they slept there overnight, they had enough time to discuss it in private much earlier.


Other mistake: When Brian shoots Tran, two bullet wounds appear in his shirt at the same time, which is impossible, because he was only shot by one person with a handgun. They also appear way too late.


Other mistake: Anne makes the Oscar Wilde joke right before Bill kills himself, but he mentions it in the suicide note, which he obviously wrote long before.


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Suggested correction: He wrote 2 letters, a longer one in the dresser drawer that he had spent time writing, and one that he wrote immediately before going to kill himself, explaining what he had done. The shorter one (referencing the Oscar Wilde joke) was written that evening while his wife was asleep on the couch.

Suggested correction: What evidence is there that he didn't write the suicide not that day?

It doesn't matter if he did, the point is he definitely wrote it before the Oscar Wilde joke. Right after the joke, he goes to the barn and kills himself. Anne is still on the couch, she hears the gunshot, she gets up and finds the note.


Anne is on the couch, then it cuts to him in the barn. He could have easily written his note between the two shots.

28th Apr 2020

Saw (2004)

3rd Nov 2019

Children of Men (2006)

5th Sep 2019

Yes Man (2008)

Other mistake: The suicidal man told Jim Carrey not to stop him, but he did anyway. Carrey was saying yes to everything, so he should've obliged.


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Suggested correction: The point of the "YES" seminar he attended was to say yes to opportunities, adventures, invitations etc. Saying yes to NOT doing something was not the message in the seminar and did not apply here. Furthermore, he wasn't hypnotized or anything. He could have said No at any given point, as any decent human would do if a suicidal person were to ask them if they should go through with it (which again, didn't happen in this instance anyway).


26th Jun 2019

The Heat (2013)

Other mistake: In the hospital, Mullins says she took the bullets out when she threatened to shoot Julian in the groin. However, we saw her leave one bullet in.


26th Sep 2018

Toy Soldiers (1991)

Other mistake: When a cop is shot in the chest, the bullet hits him more than a second after the gun is fired. It should've been almost instant.


30th Aug 2018

Coach Carter (2005)

Other mistake: When Renny is shot the first time, we can see two bullet holes in his shirt, when there should be one.


6th Aug 2018

Wild Things (1998)

Other mistake: When Ray shoots Kelly twice in the chest, and then himself once in the arm, all three shots are heard within a few seconds. However, in the flashback at the end, Ray shoots himself about ten seconds after.


Other mistake: When Sarah and Casey learn they're only getting a small portion of the money, Kenny says "Wait, you guys are getting paid?" However, he was there when David agreed to pay Casey $1000. He knew she was getting paid.


22nd Dec 2017

Goodfellas (1990)

Other mistake: When we see the shot couple in the pink car, there's blood spatter inside the windows and windshield, so that means the windows were up when they were shot, and they were shot in the car. It makes no sense that neither the windshield nor the windows are broken. If Jimmy shot them from the front, he would've had to have shot them through the windshield. If he shot them from the side, he would've had to have shot them through the window.


10th Nov 2017

Carrie (1976)

Other mistake: Rita is only hit in the thighs with the basketball rafter. That couldn't kill her, and it couldn't make blood come out of her mouth.


Other mistake: In the bar shootout, a man is shot in the head. The bullet hits him in his hat right in the middle of his forehead, and then his hat falls off. But we then see a close-up of his face, and there's no bullet wound in his forehead or anywhere else.


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Suggested correction: Wound easily could be on a hairy part of the head.

Even in a close up a bullet wound would still be visible due to the size of the wound.

Ssiscool Premium member

Other mistake: Harry pulls a knife out of Dobby's chest, but before that, we can see there's no knife.


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Suggested correction: Yes there is, Dobby is holding on to it as he falls into Harry's hands. Its not totally obvious, but the CGI people definitely put it in.


15th Feb 2017

V for Vendetta (2005)

Other mistake: In the final fight, V slices a man's right wrist, but blood only comes out of his left arm.


16th Jan 2017

The Godfather (1972)

Other mistake: When Al Neri shoots Emilio Barzini's bodyguards, they're both only shot in the torso, but when they're on the ground, there's only blood coming out from under their heads.


16th Aug 2016

Licence to Kill (1989)

Other mistake: When Loti is shot three times, all three bullet holes appear on her at the same time.


10th Aug 2016

Taxi Driver (1976)

Other mistake: When the woman at the theater gives Travis his Cola, she never pours it. (00:09:25)


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