Marcus Scott

2nd Feb 2019

Darkest Hour (2017)

Factual error: When George VI and Churchill are having lunch at Buckingham Palace there are servants in the room. In reality, servants were not present at their wartime lunches due to the often highly secret content of their conversations. Food and drinks were left in the room by Palace staff and the King and Churchill served themselves.

Marcus Scott

Factual error: Dev Patel is standing in front of Trinity College's statue of Issac Newton. Directly behind the statue is a marble wall with names carved into it. This wall is a list of the members of the college who died in World War II. It would not have existed in 1914.

Marcus Scott

12th Feb 2016

The Hateful Eight (2015)

Factual error: Six-Horse Judy has a distinctive New Zealand accent. But the New Zealand accent would not have been in existence as early as the period in which the movie is set. The non-Maori inhabitants of 1860s/1870s Auckland were largely British or Irish settlers who would have spoken with the accents of their native countries, as would their New Zealand born children.

Marcus Scott

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