3rd Sep 2007

Prison Break (2005)

Flight - S1-E22

Revealing mistake: After Pope enters Scofield's cell to see the escape hole, we see him standing outside the cell looking out at everyone throwing toilet tissue etc. If you watch closely right after we see a guy pulling his pillows toward him to tear up, it cuts to another inmate who is throwing stuff out as well. Only thing is, we see the cell door slides to the side slightly which would indicate that the cell doors where not locked. In the event of an escape, lockdown would happen immediately, with all cell doors locked with the prisoners inside their cells. (00:04:00)


5th Feb 2007

Metro (1997)

Revealing mistake: During the scene in which we see the cops stop the tram with the car. As the car and tram are about to come to a stop we can see that the car is lifted off the floor a few inches on a flatbed of some form.


Revealing mistake: During the scene where the gang are beating up the two guys in Newark, observe the black guy in beige pants: he is making kicking motions but not actually connecting with anything. He is about two feet away from the guy on the floor.


Revealing mistake: As Harold and Kumar are driving through Newark they observe some guys beating up a 'lamer version of them'. Right after Harold and Kumar say "Holy Shit" we see the gang stop, pause and then start again. Watch the guy in the green beenie hat as he swings the baseball bat. He makes to hit the guy on the floor but actually stops the swing about three feet above him.


Revealing mistake: During the hanggliding scene we see from the close up shot that Harold and Kumar are both on the hand glider. However, from the wider aerial shots there is only one person in the glider.


8th Oct 2006

Elf (2003)

Revealing mistake: While we see Buddy drinking the entire bottle of Coke, it is quite obvious that he is not actually drinking it. Buddy has his lips firmly sealed around the end of the bottle and gulps down the entire lot. If he was drinking it, the bottle would have caved in as no air was getting inside. It was not even possible for him to blow air from his nose back into the bottle due to the fact that he is continuously gulping.


Revealing mistake: When Fred and George pass on the Marauder's Map to Harry, we see the map start to reveal itself. As it does Harry starts to read "Messrs Mooney, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs." Harry reads the word Messrs before it even appears on the page.


25th Jun 2006

Torque (2004)

Revealing mistake: During the Ford and Trey chase sequence involving the train, we see Ford jump the ramp and land on the train. Then when we see Trey riding toward the ramp but he veers off at the last second before the camera angle changes so that they can then complete the scene using CGI.


24th Jun 2006

Double Impact (1991)

Revealing mistake: After Alex has crushed Zhang's hand in the cogs on top of the crane we see that while covered in blood there is no other damage to Zhang's hand. He even manages to move it and his fingers when in fact all the bones in his hand should have been crushed and the muscles and skin torn leaving his hand in tatters and unusable.


24th Jan 2006

The Transporter 2 (2005)

Revealing mistake: During the garage fight scene towards the end, we see that the steel pole that Frank uses to beat up the bad guys bends while he uses it.


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