Corrected entry: It doesn't make sense that Harold Crick nearly got killed by the bus he was supposed to take. If the bus was supposed to stop there, than it was going far too fast to stop in time.

Correction: You will notice throughout the film we also follow, although in not quite as much detail a black lady and a small boy. The whole point of seeing the black lady and the young boy was to follow their paths in line with Harolds. The lady had just started as a driver the day in which she hits Harold and probably had a brief lack in concentration due to her inexperience.


24th Feb 2004

Assassins (1995)

Corrected entry: When Sly is driving Banderas in the cab, Banderas knocks on the window partition and comments how it's bulletproof. Yet when Banderas says something to get Sly angry, Sly hits that "bulletproof" window with an open hand and cracks it. How can an open hand hit crack a bulletproof glass?

Correction: Bullet proof glass is a mizture of both glass and plastics layered throughout. When Rath palms the 'glass' the force of this blast appears to give a shattered effect. This is merely the outer layer of plastics that shatters. The glass underneath remains in tact and is not damaged. It is possible to get the same effect using real bullet proof glass. (Info from Wikipedia).


30th Dec 2001

The 51st State (2001)

Corrected entry: In the scene when Felix De Souza goes into the pub to wind up the Manchester United supporters, the big give away that the pub is not in Manchester (as suggested by them turning off in the car to head to Manchester) was the purple Liverpool Wheelie bins. (00:16:30)

Correction: Is it not possible that certain areas in Manchester have purplue Wheelie bins? I have a purple wheelie bin where I live, but others in my city have brown and green ones.


Corrected entry: Snape accuses Harry of stealing Gillyweed from his personal stores because he found some Gillyweed missing from his personal stores. Later, Moody reveals that Neville Longbottom had provided Harry with Gillyweed because he had given him the book that led him straight to it. Surely, the book wouldn't have instructions on how to steal Gillyweed from Snape's personal stores, now would it?

Correction: Snape does not accuse Harry of stealing Gillyweed from his stores. He accuses him of stealing ingredients to make Polyjuice Potion. It was in fact Moody who was stealing the ingredients to make Polyjuice Potion.


Corrected entry: Even though the karate tournament again is for participants under 18, Daniel appears to be in his late 20's and Mike Barnes is at least 25.

Correction: Just because Daniel looks older than 20 does not mean to say that his character actually is. It is not a mistake for someone to look older than the character they are playing, as it is common for actors to play characters much younger than themselves.


27th Aug 2001

Jerry Maguire (1996)

Corrected entry: When Jerry comes out of his office with all his stuff he has a leather bag over his shoulder and he is carrying a box. He puts the box down and makes his speech and takes the fish and then leaves with Dorothy but he never gets the box back from where he set it down.

Correction: This is a character mistake, not a movie mistake. It is possible that he either forgot it, or it is files that he was dropping off for someone else.


1st Apr 2002

Tin Cup (1996)

Corrected entry: Early in the movie when Kevin Costner is caddying for Don Johnson, DJ has on a visor that has NISSAN on it. When DJ goes to hit his shot NISSAN is gone from the visor, then NISSAN reappears.

Correction: The NISSAN does not disipear when he goes to take the shot. If you look closely you can still see the last N on his visor. As the shot changes camera agnles so quickly it is hard to see, but it is still there.


Corrected entry: When Harry and Ron go and see Lockhart, they get out their wands and point them at him to prevent him from doing anything to them. But seeing as they are in their 2nd year and Lockhart is a fully trained wizard, wouldn't Lockhart be able to cast a non-verbal spell on them - (non-verbal spells are taught in the 6th year).

Correction: Harry and Ron by now realise that Lockhart is not a very skilled wizard. He never uses non-verbal spells all throughout the movie, and it is possible that he may not be able to perform them.


30th Aug 2003

S.W.A.T. (2003)

Corrected entry: When Alex Montel is driving through the streets, there is a clear picture of a SWAT promo poster hanging from one of the buildings.

21st Jun 2006

Die Hard (1988)

Corrected entry: John McClane opens the elevator doors and uses an axe to hold them open. Then he ties C4 explosives to a chair, uses a computer to hold it in place and pushes the makeshift bomb down the shaft. The explosion is so powerful that it takes out a good part of the torso of the building, but when the fireball gets to John the axe remains in place when it should have been blown away. (01:13:25)

Correction: Not necessarily. It would depend on how hard John wedged the axe in place. Also, the fireball would lose strength as it climbed, so the force at John's level was not as nearly as powerful as the force of the blast at the bottom.


19th Jun 2006

X-Men 3 (2006)

Corrected entry: How did Mystique know where Magneto was in the forest? He doesn't tell her, and there's no secret meeting base or anything, just a quick set-up hideout and a bunch of tents set up by the mutants.

Correction: We do not know if this meeting place was somewhere where they had already been. Somewhere that the officials and Xavier's people would not think to look.


10th Jun 2006

Forrest Gump (1994)

Corrected entry: Towards the end of the film when Forrest visits Jenny's grave and talks to her he says that he has a letter written to her by their son, young Forrest. He then says that he can't read it, so he'll just lay it down on her grave. Why can't he read it? Jenny taught him how to read when they were children, and he graduated from college. What college gives a diploma to someone who can't read?

Correction: It is not that he is unable to read. He was told not to read it by little Forest as it is personal between him and his mum.


31st May 2006

Tears of the Sun (2003)

Corrected entry: In this movie almost all the Nigerian people have bright white teeth, whiter than the soldiers. These people live in poverty, its most likely they don't by supplies for their mouth to keep them that white.

Correction: Since these people live in a missionary station, where they are cared for, it is a safe bet that there will be supplies for some form of basic oral hygiene.


31st May 2006

Rocky II (1979)

Corrected entry: At the end of the climactic fight scene, Rocky throws a punch, knocking down Apollo, which throws him (Rocky) off balance. Both fighters fall to the canvas. For some reason, this is treated as though both men were knocked down. Actually, it should be ruled a slip for Rocky, as Apollo did not actually knock him down with a punch.

Correction: Although it technically should have been ruled a slip for Rocky, it is the referee's decision to count it as a fall. This is not a movie mistake, but a character mistake.


31st May 2006

Over the Hedge (2006)

Corrected entry: Stella the skunk is woke from hibernation by Verne,then she 'clears the room'. In reality, skunks do not hibernate.

Correction: It is agreed that skunks do not hibernate, however they do go into torpor much like bears. Torpor is a sleep like state. As it is never mentioned that the skunk was hibernating this does not qualify as a mistake.


Corrected entry: If the computer and TV are down, how come the store clerk at the gas station uses the phone?

Correction: This is because many phones draw their power direct from the telephone line. It is mainly only cordelss phones that require an alternate power supply.


Corrected entry: When Ace is escaping from the robotic rhino, he has just managed to get his arms out, but in the next shot his arms are back inside the rhino again and only his face is sticking out.

Andreas Winnberg

Correction: The shot changes from Ace inside the rhino to the family on the safari truck. Ace was trying to get out, and would have had plenty of time in those few short seconds to pull his arms back in and try and push his face through.


11th Aug 2003

S.W.A.T. (2003)

Corrected entry: When Street first introduces his modified ramming device, he says it would be affixed to a truck bumper and rammed into the wall. When they use it, somehow, an explosive charge has been loaded into the back to force the grappler through the wall. Now, considering it is a hollow tube, supported by (admittedly, four strong) humans, wouldn't the result be that the hook hits the wall and bounces back, perhaps leaving a dent? Do those four people really have the stopping power necessary to hold the tube firmly enough so that the hook is fired through the wall? How cheaply are homes built in So. Cal.?


Correction: Firstly, Street was talking about the ram rod connected to the truck via a towing cable. Secondly, the explosion is not that strong. Thirdly, the house is mainly wood based, we are able to see this when the wall is pulled down.


24th Dec 2003

Eastenders (1985)

Show generally

Corrected entry: I don't understand how Kate is professionaly qualified to be a manicurist. She only pretended to be one when she was an undercover policewoman, and she would never had time to train properly enough to open a nail bar while becoming a policewoman.

Correction: She does not have to be properly trained to become a manicurist. She is allowed to give manicures to anyone and charge them for it, as long as she is not telling people that she is properly trained, as this is deception. Plus, I am sure she did other things before she was in the police force.


24th Nov 2003

The Matrix (1999)

Corrected entry: Revolving bullet-time scene with Neo and Agent Smith in the train station. Note the speed they are turning and that of the bullets leaving the gun is identical. This would imply when played in 'real-time' they are moving at the same velocity of the bullets. The bullets should (obviously) be moving at a faster speed.

Paul Andrews

Correction: But they aren't spinning, only our view of the shot is rotating.


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