19th Jun 2006

Hitch (2005)

Audio problem: After the article about Hitch is printed, we see him leave is apartment block and get approached by a former client and his now partner. After Hitch says, "See ya later, Tony", we hear Tony's Partner say, "Look Tony," however, her lips do not move.


14th Jun 2006

Meet the Fockers (2004)

Audio problem: As Greg and Pam are about to get married we see Kevin playing the panpipes. The sounds are not in sync with his mouth as he blows down each pipe.


Audio problem: When the Colonel arrives at the tent we hear the Sheriff say "We're a little busy this morning Colonel, what can I do for you?", but the movement on his lips does not match what we hear.


Audio problem: In the scene after Rambo holds the knife to the Sheriff's neck, we see the sheriff in the tent having his neck looked at by the doctor. The other guy, Dave, says that Rambo is now his problem. The Sheriff then replies, but the movements of his mouth do not match what he says.


12th Jan 2004

Stuck On You (2003)

Audio problem: At the start of the film we see the twins flipping burgers in their restaurant. We see that while one is throwing the burgers the other is catching them in the buns, and then dusting them with a metal jar of something. After every burger he bangs the jar on the table a few times. One one occasion, he actually bangs the jar on a burger bun, yet the sound effect is still played.


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