Paul Bessant

15th Dec 2003

Moonraker (1979)

Corrected entry: When Bond is in Rio watching the planes taking off through a telescope he follows its path only to be looking straight at Dr Goodhead, looking straight at him, ALSO through a telescope. Bond then takes about 5 steps towards Holly meaning that the plane must have passed close enough for them both to have jumped on.

Paul Bessant

Correction: The plane is in the far distance, Bond needs to re-focus the telescope to see Dr. Goodhead.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: At St Cyrils as Colombo and Melina are being raised in the basket Melina fires an arrow at one of the guards that hits him with enough force to throw him backwards off his feet, yet when she later removes the arrow it appears that not even the arrow head has penetrated his body, in fact it practically falls out.

Paul Bessant

Correction: The Arrow dose not have a head its just a long thin pole with a point at the end. Its able to penetrate the body but then it probably got stopped by a bone.

25th May 2003

Live and Let Die (1973)

Corrected entry: When Whisper delivers the Champagne Bond signs for it and goes back into the bathroom leaving the light on, yet when he returns to the room after killing the snake the light is off.

Paul Bessant

Correction: 'Mrs. Bond' turned the light off when she entered the room.

Correction: The most obvious explanation is that Bond himself called in (while off-screen) to report his mission completed, but that for some reason he could not talk to M at the point. M is then simply returning his call on the phone number Bond left, to get a more detailed report.


Corrected entry: After Bond kills Peter Franks in the lift and switches wallets, why does Tiffany exclaim "You've just killed James Bond"? He's supposed to be a secret agent - how come she's heard of him?

Paul Bessant

Correction: Tiffany works for the international terrorists organisation SPECTRE. This organisation was James Bond's enemy in all the previous Bond movies (and some to go)so it's only normal that people working for this organisation are aware of James's existence.

Corrected entry: Why does 007 have a punch up at the night club where Saida is performing? At that point in the film nobody is after him (including Scaramanga as it was Andrea who sent the bullet to him).

Paul Bessant

Correction: The men who attack Bond are with the man in the audience who is presumably Saida's lover. He jealously watches her dance towards Bond, and is no doubt angry that Bond then follows her back to her dressing room.

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