4th Jul 2010

Drillbit Taylor (2008)

Corrected entry: Filkins's age is inconsistent. When the taunted boys are in the principal's office, they are told Filkins is an emancipated minor (17 or younger). Later at Filkins's party, the taunted boys tell Drillbit Taylor that Filkins is 18.


Correction: Filkins's party is his birthday party, marking his turning 18.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, the boys wonder if Chris will acknowledge them in High School since she is a Senior(4th yr) and they are Freshman(1st yr). Earlier in the movie, the kids ages were established as 15 for the boys and 17 for Chris. So they should be 2yrs apart in school, not 3yrs.


Correction: Depends on when their birthdays are. My son was a year older, numerically, than everyone else in his class because his birthday is at the end of the summer, just before the school year starts. 15 year olds could be three grades behind a 17 year old for this (or the opposite) reason, among others.

Phixius Premium member

3rd Feb 2011

Spider-Man 2 (2004)

Corrected entry: In the operating room scene the doctor is about to make his first incision in Doc Ock's body and examines the x-ray carefully, but not the patient. Doc Ock is not on a respirator (so he is not properly anesthetized) and also not even hooked up to an IV - although there is an IV bag and pole in the room.


Correction: No one is making an incision; it was determined that they would try cutting off the metal arms first before attempting surgery. Since they were not cutting into his flesh during this phase of the operation (and they had no idea that the arms would 'come to life') they did not need him anesthetized.

BocaDavie Premium member

18th May 2008

iCarly (2007)

Correction: Actually, if you have watched every episode, like me, you would notice that he often wears tan pants and regular blue jeans. Occasionally he will wear dark pants. Also, he wears the same shoes because not everybody has a million shoes. I have two comfortable pairs I like to wear, and I rarely wear anything else.

22nd Sep 2003

Monsters, Inc. (2001)

Corrected entry: When Boo is first discovered by Mike & Sully, they refer to Boo as 'it' and 'the child'. During the bathroom scene when Sully tells Mike that he named the child Boo, his exact words are "That's what I named her". There is no explanation why he switched the pronoun from 'it' to 'her'. For the rest of the movie, they do refer to Boo as 'her'.


Correction: This isn't a mistake, it's a choice made by the filmmakers. It's intended to show that Sully no longer sees Boo as an "it", but as a living being that might not be so dangerous after all.

Phil C.

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