Nick Bylsma

25th Oct 2006

The Break-Up (2006)

Corrected entry: When Gary comes home with the lemons, he turns on the TV where a baseball game is in progress. After the party, when Brooke complains that he never takes her anywhere, he reminds her that they just went to Ann Arbor for the Michigan-Notre Dame game. It couldn't have been a baseball game, Michigan plays in Comstock Park, basketball season would have been over for at least two months, and football season for four or five.

Correction: Today is October, 26th 2006. The college football season has been going for 8 weeks already, and the baseball season isn't yet over. Baseball season is winding down as college football starts, so they very easily could have gone to a college game and then watched a baseball game on TV.

Nick Bylsma

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