Nick Bylsma

4th Apr 2008

South Park (1997)

Fun With Veal - S6-E4

Corrected entry: How did Mrs. Cartman get the food basket ready? She couldn't have done it at her house or anyone else's house in South Park, because someone would have noticed her leaving at some point to do it and then bringing it back, and she couldn't have done it at Stan's house because someone would have heard her in the kitchen making the food. Even if she'd ordered takeout, she'd have had to leave to pick it up or had to answer the door to get it from the delivery person.

Correction: Let's count the ways she could have done it. Stan and Cartman's houses are not the only houses in south park, she could have prepared the food at uncle Jimbo's place or somewhere else. She could have gone to a store and just bought the food. She could have ordered take-out and put the food in the food basket, etc etc.

Nick Bylsma

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