Nick Bylsma

17th Aug 2007

Breach (2007)

Factual error: Early on in the movie there are boxes of new dell machines and moniters in the hallways. 3 things are wrong with this situation. First off, the design on the boxes is a newer design that was implemented in 2003, but the movie is set in 2001. Secondly, none of the monitors that you see in the office are dell monitors. 3rd, all the monitor boxes in the hallways are for flat panels (designated by the FP on the sides of the boxes), yet there are CRT monitors sitting on the desks. (I know about the box design because our company has a contract with Dell for our computers. I've personally done the ordering/config/setup since 2000).

Nick Bylsma

2nd Aug 2006

Clerks 2 (2006)

Factual error: Dante's last day seems to be in the fall season, judging by the amount of leaves on the road when he and Randal drive back from the Go-Karts. One of the last scenes is of all four of them outside the just re-opened Quick Stop and you can see that Becky is very much pregnant (at least 5 months) but the season is still the same (look at the trees). There should be snow on the ground in NJ at that time (Jan-Feb), or at least it would be cold enough to wear a coat and see your breath.

Nick Bylsma

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