roy sandefur

19th Feb 2013

Reservoir Dogs (1992)

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Quentin Tarantino crashes the getaway car into the back of a parked car (as he, Tim Roth and Harvey Keitel are fleeing the robbery), the car screeches around the corner and crashes, and you can see, from many different angles, that there is only a driver: no-one in the back seat. Yet, the next shot shows Tim and Harvey experiencing the collision as they are sitting in the back seat.

roy sandefur

27th Jul 2012

Open Range (2003)

Factual error: Kevin Costner fires 18 shots from one six shooter revolver, (and those 18 are just those which can actually be seen fired on-screen), during the big shoot-out at the end of the movie. A few more are heard and are implied to be from him - but not shown on screen, because the camera is jumping back and forth to different shooters. And even though he says, (in interviews), that there was a second revolver in his belt, which wasn't shown, that he switched to, he still would have needed a third revolver, even if those implied shots didn't come from him. They show him (during the fanning shot), firing one six gun far more than six times, without taking the camera off him.

roy sandefur

Revealing mistake: About an hour and a half into the movie Clint Eastwood forces a telegraph guy to send a fake message saying the bank is being robbed, in a nearby town -as a ruse. In the next scene, when the posse rides down a dirt road, you can see tire tracks as they are all coming down a hill and going around a bend.

roy sandefur

3rd Sep 2011

The Vikings (1958)

Factual error: At the end, when Kirk Douglas throws his head back and screams: "ODIN!", you can see several mercury amalgam fillings in his teeth - not available under most 900AD health plans.

roy sandefur

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