Corrected entry: After Kar's (Seann Scott Williams) fight with Mr. Funktastic, the patches of dirt on Mr. Funktastic's jacket change between shots.


Correction: Mr. Funktastic never has a jacket on before, during, or after the fight.


5th Jul 2002

Mr. Deeds (2002)

Corrected entry: Mid-way into the movie, the butler explains to the evil shareholder, that he "hails from Spain," because of a remark made by the shareholder. How could the butler know where his roots are, if is mother died when he was born, and he never knew that Preston Blake was his father?

Correction: It is possible that Blake told him where his mother was from. After all, Blake was his father.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Elizabeth is escaping from the Dauntless, she climbs out of the window located in the back of the ship. She makes a rope out of a collection of sheets, and lands in a rowboat and rows away. Escaping out of the window with the sheets makes perfect sense, but where did the rowboat come from if she was in the back of the ship?

Correction: In the old days it was perfectly normal for a ship to tow a rowboat behind it. Some sailing ships still do it to this day. It was a matter of available space.


Corrected entry: During the pinch hitter scene when the angel slows the pitch down for the rookie ballplayer, Christopher Lloyd uses the ball as a hacky sack to stop the opponents from getting a hold of it. One shot shows the players in the infield scrambling for the ball, and the next shot shows Christopher Lloyd kicking the ball around right next to the outfield wall. The very next shot shows the players in the infield chasing the ball once again.

Correction: Christopher Lloyd was simply using his ball to "control" the ball the players were chasing around.


Corrected entry: When the T-X shoots the teenager at the fast food restaurant, there is a passenger seat between her and the window. When going through a drive-through, the driver's seat is closest to the pick-up window.

Correction: Not true. This happens with fast food places that have multiple drive up windows (e.g. Checkers in the USA)


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