Kevin Hall

27th Sep 2005

Iron Eagle II (1988)

Corrected entry: The F-16 does not have a special Gravity meter projected over the rest of the HUD info like in the movie's beginning. Furthermore, a human body dies around 10 G's so for the pilots to push 10 and not even suffer temporary loss of consciousness or blackout, is highly ridiculous.

Correction: I won't dispute what gauges the heads-up display does or does not have. However, the human body has been documented to have survived over 40 g's. Loss of consciousness can occur in conditions as low as 4-5 g's depending on the position of the body, the length of the g-force exposure, and the rate at which the g-forces increase. However, spikes of 10 g's that occur in very short durations (less than 5 seconds) are not only survivable, but typically do not result in either loss of consciousness, or even changes in vision. Furthermore, the use of G-suits (which use air pressure to "squeeze" the lower extremities during high g-forces to avoid LOC) make it possible for pilots to sustain forces as high as 8 g's for longer periods of time. (See

Kevin Hall

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