Other mistake: During the pep rally scene, when Shelby is staging the play, Gabriella comes out wearing a bridal gown. A couple of seconds later, she comes out wearing the "diner girl" outfit, complete with roller skates. There was not enough time for her to change so quickly.


28th Nov 2004

Eurotrip (2004)

3rd Nov 2004

White Chicks (2004)

Other mistake: When the two rival agents find Marcus and Kevin's masks, the masks are shown with lips attached. Whenever we see shots of the guys putting on the masks, there aren't any lips attached; they put their own lips through a hole. (01:15:00)


Other mistake: At the graduation, when the girl says to Kate, "It's like watching those poor animals on the discovery channel," you can see Kate mouthing her lines.


Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone mistake picture

Other mistake: During the Quidditch match, Hermione looks in her binoculars up to where Harry is. If you look at the reflection in the binoculars you can see Harry flailing around. She then looks over at Snape, but when we see the reflection in the binoculars we still see Harry, as if she were looking up towards him. (01:20:40)


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