26th Mar 2018

Jurassic Park (1993)

Other mistake: When Dr Grant and the children reach the perimeter fence, Dr Grant tries to see if he can fit through, to no avail. When he and the kids start to climb, however, it is quite obvious that both Tim and Lex would have been able to crawl through quite easily, and that only Dr Grant should have had to climb over. Partly this links to the mistake here, where the holes in the fence are much bigger in the first shot, then when he tries to widen them he's holding a different part of the fence where they're smaller.


30th Jan 2017

Shameless (2011)

Lazarus - S4-E12

Continuity mistake: When Debbie sits down on the couch with Carl and Liam, Liam is sitting on Carl's lap with Carl's left arm around him. When the camera angle changes, Liam is sitting next to Carl, and Carl's hands are in his lap. When the angle changes again, Carl's arm is once again around Liam. It changes back one more time to Liam sitting next to him before Carl gets up to answer the door.


12th Jan 2016

Good Will Hunting (1997)

Continuity mistake: Near the end of the film after Chuckie realizes that Will is gone, he turns and heads back to the car. As he first goes down the steps and down the walkway you can see Morgan already sitting in the front passenger seat. As Chuckie approaches the car, however, you then see Morgan excitedly jump out of the back seat and run around the car to jump in the front seat.


26th Dec 2013

Hoosiers (1986)

Trivia: Near the end of the film in the locker room prior to the championship game, Coach Dale makes reference to the players on the other team whose names are written on a chalkboard. If you look closely at the list of names, you'll see that they are the last names of the actors that portray the Hickory players (Poole, Schenk, Boyle, etc).


29th Jan 2013

Bull Durham (1988)

Plot hole: In the game against Fayetteville, Crash puts down two fingers indicating he wants Nuke to throw the curve. When the camera then shows Nuke shaking him off, you can see Fayetteville has a runner on 2nd. Even in the minors the catcher will mix up the signs so the runner on 2nd couldn't steal them and tip the pitch. He'd never just hold down two fingers.


7th May 2012

Mystery, Alaska (1999)

Continuity mistake: At the end of the game against the Rangers, as the Mystery team is going for the tying goal, you see the Ranger goalie way out of position to the one side of the goal as Russell Crowe passes the puck back to Connor near the blue line. In fact, you see the goalie start his "dive" across the front of the net before Connor even receives the pass. We then see a shot from behind the net of Connor receiving the pass and that from this angle we can see that the goalie is in his normal spot in front of the goal, it then cuts to a shot of the goalie from the front where he is also in the middle of the net drifting back toward the goal in perfect position, but when Connor actually takes the shot, the goalie is back off to the one side of the goal trying desperately to dive across to make the save.


Continuity mistake: When the family finally makes it to Wally World, they park at the back of the lot with the car facing the park. As they pull up the shadow of the car is on the passenger side (right side), however only moments later as the family is running toward the entrance their shadows are on their left. If you look closely you can see that they are running from the front of the car, and the shadows should still be to the right.


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