3rd Feb 2022

Open Windows (2014)

Continuity mistake: When Nick is instructed to leave hotel room #700 Chord verbally tells him to "go outside and turn right." but the on-screen arrow points left and we see Nick turn left. (00:29:39)


22nd Nov 2012

The Invisible (2007)

Other mistake: About a third of the way into the film when Nick leaves school and is running home he gets hit by a car and run over by a truck. Before both events the vehicles horns can be heard, as if the drivers are warning Nick to get out of the road. If Nick was invisible there would be no reason for them to honk their horns at all.


Continuity mistake: Near the start of the movie when the office worker/security guard feel the 1st plane hit, the security guard is standing just behind the office worker's left shoulder. When the camera cuts to a side view the security guard is standing slightly in front of the office worker with his hand on the water cooler. (00:08:20)


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