Erika Medina

Corrected entry: As Ann Archer is walking in the kitchen before the famous revealing of the bunny in the pot, look closely behind her and in the window you can see something moving slowly outside that looks like a crane.

Erika Medina

Correction: It is a garbage truck.


Corrected entry: When Austin travels to 1975 and he first meets Foxxy but is really talking to Nathan Lane, "she" says the line "About a year ago" you can tell that he has to hurry up and he flubs his line just a tad but quickly recovers.

Erika Medina

Correction: So what if he flubs his line just a tad? He is just supposed to be pretending to be talking to Austin so Foxxy can't be seen talking to Austin. Exact lip synch is not needed to pretend to talk to someone.

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