Joel Sheffield

Corrected entry: When Cletus is distracting Russ Cargill and the town is escaping, they use a radio tower to climb up to the rope. When Homer falls down the rope, the radio tower is gone. (01:07:40)

Correction: Actually the radio tower is on the ground, it must have fallen over.

Joel Sheffield

Corrected entry: In the scene where the dome is being lowered over the town, the dome comes down and squashes fences etc. There is a man who can't decide whether he should be in or out, then the dome flattens him at a fast speed. But in the next shot of the dome squashing the Simpson's fence, it moves very slow.

Correction: Notice, the dome crushes the fence slowly then drops to the ground fast.

Joel Sheffield

Corrected entry: When Cargill visits the president a second time, he shows footage of Springfield continuing to attack the dome. He tells the president that "If people escaped the dome before, then it is bound to happen again." But when Cargill first appeared on the interior of the dome explaining its purpose, he mentions how in terms of using the dome, it had "never come to that", suggesting that the government had never used the dome before.


Correction: The people he was referring to who got out of the dome, was the Simpsons.

Joel Sheffield

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