24th Jun 2018

The Firm (1993)

Character mistake: At the end, when Mitch tells Agent Tarrance that the government can convict the law firm on mail fraud and racketeering, he says he got the idea while he was studying for the bar exam. He actually got the idea from a client earlier in the film when the client was complaining about being over-billed and tells Mitch that every time a bill is mailed through USPS, the firm is committing mail fraud which is a federal offense, punishable by fines and prison.

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19th Oct 2012

Secret Window (2004)

Character mistake: After Mort finds the two bodies in the truck, he makes a great effort to avoid leaving any fingerprints on the door handle and also on the screwdriver he removed from the one body and takes with him. However, when he's pushing the car towards the cliff, he reaches in the window to grab the steering wheel with his bare hand, leaving his prints all over it and uses his other hand to push the truck.

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