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New today Question: Why did the cord on the wall phone in the police station change from straight in the early episodes to coiled later?

New today Answer: There's probably no particular reason. Sets and props on long-running TV shows often change as needed and for various reasons throughout a series run.

raywest Premium member

7th Aug 2014

Jaws (1975)

Question: The other night me and some friends were arguing whether or not the shot that Brody makes to blow the tank up to kill Bruce was possible, or would it be too hard to make?


New this week Answer: This theory was tested on "Mythbusters" and the myth was "busted", twice. https://mythresults.com/mythbusters-vs-jaws.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

New this week The Mythbusters did indeed bust that myth by failing to cause the tanks to explode. In case anyone disputes the technology, they used the same type of scuba tanks, rifle, and ammunition that were used in the movie.

raywest Premium member

New this week Answer: While taking the shot and hitting the tank could be possible, it would not result in an explosion.

Chosen answer: It would certainly be very difficult, with the shark moving and hitting the tank while slightly underwater. But it wouldn't be impossible.

Greg Dwyer

12th Sep 2019

The Faculty (1998)

New this week Question: Why are the aliens in that town? If they come from a oceanic planet then why not go directly into one of our five or so oceans?


New this week Answer: Whales and dolphins also lack manipulating appendages and the ability to survive on land.


New this week Answer: The aliens need to infect intelligent life to thrive. There is no intelligent life in our oceans.


New this week That is not exactly true. Whales and dolphins are considerably intelligent, arguably near human-level, and live in complex social groups.

raywest Premium member

New this week Answer: Well if they need to stay hydrated whales and dolphins make more sense than inhabiting people.


New this week Dolphins and whales are also far less numerous. With populations numbering fewer than 10 million total across all species versus nearly 6 billion at the time for humanity.


New this week Answer: It could be the salt or pollution. The aliens were drinking nothing pure bottled water.

New this week Good answer. Dang all you guys on this site are pretty good at this. I enjoy these answers you give since hardly anybody ever listens to me.


New this week Question: If Erica arrived after Marin and Harry, why was she surprised to see someone in the kitchen? Surely she saw a car in the driveway. And where did that car go? It wasn't in any scene after Marin and Harry parked. Supposedly, they shopped for groceries and ate dinner the same day they arrived. Why did they change clothes so often? It seemed Marin had her black bathing suit on under her dress at the store but wore something different at dinner. Harry had three different shirts, Erica changed from a scoop to a turtleneck and Zoe seemed to put a sweater over her blue top while shopping but changed at dinner.

New this week Answer: This sounds like it could an editing issue. Movies often film multiple scenes that, for whatever reason, are later deleted, but sometimes portions of those scenes are compressed into one sequence, even though there are obvious inconsistencies like wardrobe gaffs.

raywest Premium member

New this week Question: Why would Lewis confess to Jonathan and Florence that he brought back Issac from the dead? He could've kept it a secret to avoid being yelled at.

Cody Fairless-Lee

New this week Answer: He wanted to take responsibility for his mistake in order to help make things right.

raywest Premium member

6th Aug 2019

General questions

This has been annoying the hell out of me for years. I'm thinking of an early 1960s (?) black and white American movie that features numerous cameos by A-List Hollywood actors who are so heavily made-up (with wigs and latex facial prosthetics) that they are all thoroughly unrecognizable. At the end of the film, as a complete surprise, there is a sequence of each of these otherwise unremarkable cameo characters removing their makeup for a big reveal. For example, a plain, middle-aged woman who only appeared for a few seconds onscreen grandly removes her latex face to reveal none other than Burt Lancaster. I believe Robert Mitchum and Tony Curtis were also among the reveals. What is this film?

Charles Austin Miller

Answer: "The List of Adrian Messenger" (1963). Burt Lancaster, Robert Mitchum, and Tony Curtis, along with Kirk Douglas and Frank Sinatra, remove their heavy makeup during the epilogue to reveal who they are. Although Lancaster and Sinatra didn't actual portray the characters they claimed to have been.


Thank you. The name of this movie has been on the tip of my tongue for many years.

Charles Austin Miller

New this month Love this movie as a kid. It's rarely shown on TV anymore, but it is (or was) available for free on YouTube.

raywest Premium member

New this month Lancaster, Curtis, Sinatra, and Mitchum did indeed portray those characters in heavy make-up. However, their voices were dubbed over by other actors, Otherwise, the audience would have recognized their actual voices, spoiling the surprise reveal at the end.

raywest Premium member

Incidentally, director John Huston (who also made a cameo appearance in the film) tried to convince Elizabeth Taylor to play a disguised part in this movie; but, when Taylor learned that her lovely face would be completely hidden under heavy latex, she turned down the role.

Charles Austin Miller

13th Mar 2019

General questions

What action or otherwise "exciting" movies have quite a low-key ending? It's fairly standard now for action movies to build to a massive crescendo, a final all-out action sequence with CGI destruction running rampant. Do any relatively modern movies buck that trend?

New this month Answer: I would add, "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo." Lizbeth Salander exposes Martin Vanger as the serial murderer. He is killed when Lizbeth chases him, resulting in a car explosion. That is the film's climax, but in the side plot, Lizbeth then goes on to expose Wennerström's corruption, as well as removing billions of Euros from his secret accounts.

raywest Premium member

Answer: First one that comes to mind is The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 (if the ending is the same as in the book, that is-not 100% sure), but ending with a battle of words instead of an action sequence like most of the other Twilight movies.

Answer: Doctor Strange comes to mind - not *that* low key, but the actual climax is him in a time loop negotiating Earth's safety rather than a massive epic battle.

Jon Sandys Premium member

New this month Question: If Aayla Secura's a Jedi Master then why does she wear a skimpy brown leather outfit? She should be dressed more like the other Jedi masters.


New this month Answer: Several possibilities. There are cultural differences in how the different races dress that may supersede the traditional Jedi uniform. However, and more likely, movies often sexualize women characters by dressing them in skimpy, skin-bearing costumes, even when it is out-of-sync with how others are dressed.

raywest Premium member

New this month Answer: In-universe, it is the typical clothing of a Twi'lek female. Jedi are allowed to wear whatever clothing they want, though most choose the robes fitting the ascetic life of a Jedi.


New this month Question: At the Christmas parade, What is Mickey Mouse doing with Dorothy when all the Wizard of Oz Characters shoo him away?


New this month Answer: He appears to be trying to either tickle her or "feel her up." Either way, it's unwanted and the other performers shoo him away.

Jason Hoffman

New this month Answer: It's unclear exactly what he was doing but it appears Mickey may have been a little too "up close and personal" with Dorothy, and the others are shooing him away.

raywest Premium member

New this month Question: Given that Las Vegas is the bigger more glamorous and more well known on sporting events, why didn't The California Dolls vs Toledo Tigers Tag Team Title match take place there instead of Reno?


New this month Answer: No reason is given but there could be any number of factors involved in why this location was chosen. However, it appears to be less about the plot than about real-life logistics. The event takes place at the MGM Grand Hotel in Reno. MGM financially backed this film, so this was an opportunity for them to showcase and promote their expensive hotel in the movie. Also, filming on MGM property would have given the production greater freedom on when, where, and how they wished to film, avoiding many of the costs, restraints, and restrictions often encountered when filming a movie.

raywest Premium member

5th Sep 2019

Rush Hour (1998)

New this month Question: Isn't a flight from Hong Kong to LA 13hrs? How then is Lee able to arrive during the daytime if the Consul's daughter was kidnapped that same morning?

New this month Answer: It's a movie. Due to filming logistics, factual details sometimes are purposely skewed to serve the plot or accommodate technical issues in shooting scenes. Time is compressed, geographical details are altered, and so on. Audiences are expected to employ a "suspension of disbelief" in order to allow the story to unfold in a smooth, consistent, if sometimes unrealistic, way.

raywest Premium member

Question: If Crouch used the polyjuice potion to be certain people, how was he able to take their voice as well? When Harry and Ron used the potion before, they kept their normal voices.

Answer: In book two it states that the voices DO change.

To quote from chapter 12 as read by Stephen Fry: "Are you two OK?" Goyle 's low rasp of a voice issued from his mouth.

Answer: This is never covered in the book either, but Crouch was a fully trained wizard while Harry and Ron are not. It's not unreasonable to think that there is a spell that allows you to imitate voices perfectly. There were candies in the last film that made people sound like monkeys and lions. A voice spell wouldn't be that different.

Grumpy Scot

New this month Answer: In the books, the polyjuice potion changed the person's voice as well as the physical appearance of the person who was impersonating someone else. The movies made a decision to have Ron and Harry keep their own voices, presumably so the audience could more easily keep track of which one was Goyle and which one was Crabbe. The other characters using polyjuice varied on whether or not they kept their original voices. Crouch Jr.'s voice was the same as the real Mad Eye's. When Hermione impersonated Bellatrix LeStrange, she sounded like herself. This really comes down to movie-making logistics. If Crouch kept his own voice, then the movie makers would have had to dub David Tennant's voice over all of Brendan Gleeson's dialogue.

raywest Premium member

New this month Answer: In the movie Barty Jr (as Moody) imitates voices, including Hagrid's. When Harry returns from the graveyard and Barty Jr takes Harry into his office or living area.

28th Aug 2019

Hide and Seek (2005)

New this month Question: I have watched the move both on DVD and on TV. When I watched it on TV the ending was different than the one that the DVD had. The ending shows Emily in a hospital room of some kind - why was this ending shown?

New this month Answer: The movie actually had five alternate endings, ranging from Emily having the dissociative identity disorder to her not having it and living happily with Katherine. Each ending depended on which theatrical market (U.S. or International) the movie was shown. You happened to watch two of the different versions, the one shown on TV and the other on DVD. The DVD has a special section showing all five endings. The Wikipedia article on this film has a section that describes the five various endings.

raywest Premium member

27th Aug 2019

Tarzan (1999)

New this month Question: After Sabor the leopard jumps on the net to kill baby Tarzan, it instead launches him up to Kala, who catches him by the diaper. Why does Kala move Tarzan up and down several times?

New this month Answer: Kala, who was on the floor above the netting, was attempting to pull baby Tarzan up through the space around the pole, but it was too small for an infant to fit through. Kala instead pulled Tarzan by his diaper along the slit between the boards to the end of the floor where she could then reach over and pick him up.

raywest Premium member

New this month Question: When Chitty goes over the cliff and the wings come out, where does the picnic basket on the back go?

New this month Answer: There's no explanation, so any answer is speculation. It could have fallen out of the car as it went over the cliff. Most likely it's a movie mistake, and the picnic basket was overlooked while the close-up portion of the scene was being filmed.

raywest Premium member

22nd Aug 2019

Unfaithful (2002)

New this month Question: The final scene in the car at the red light in front of the Police station. They are discussing escaping to Mexico for the rest of their lives. They hold each other. The car doesn't move. Do they give themselves up to the police? Is that what the writer is implying?

New this month Answer: Although Connie wanted them to go to Mexico and assume new identities, it is implied that Edward, who initially goes along with that idea, will likely turn himself into the police. However, there's no definitive ending given, so the audience is left to interpret the outcome.

raywest Premium member

20th Aug 2019

House, M.D. (2004)

Help Me - S6-E21

New this month Question: House said he regretted not having his leg amputated. He could've done it any time, so why didn't he later?


New this month Answer: As long as the leg remains physically viable, even if it's impaired and not causing chronic pain, a reputable doctor would not amputate simply because a patient wants it removed.

raywest Premium member

New this month Answer: This could be due to any number of reasons. Hospitals might not perform the operation so long after the accident especially since he is known to be working and living with the condition.

Ssiscool Premium member

Question: What time of year is this film set? One day it's warm enough to swim outdoors in central Spain, the next day it's ski season in northern Italy.

New this month Answer: The time setting is vague, but both Italy and Spain have Mediterranean climates (mild wet winters, hot dry summers). However, climate also varies by altitude, and, at certain times of the year, it could conceivably be cold enough in the Italian Alps for skiing while it is warmer in Spain for outdoor swimming. Also, movies tend to ignore reality for the sake of storytelling.

raywest Premium member

19th Aug 2019

The Brady Bunch (1969)

Vote for Brady - S1-E11

Question: There's a scene in this episode I haven't seen in over 30 years (edited out in more recent years) where the 4 kids upstairs are arguing (boys vs girls) and the kids continuously stamp their feet on the floor and then Alice is shown downstairs watching her cake in the oven. Periodically with all the stomping from upstairs, the cake gets flatter until very flat the end of the scene. Question is does anyone remember this scene and why does the cake in the oven get flatter every time a kid stomps from upstairs?

New this month Answer: I haven't come across a scene like that, but maybe over time what you remember got mixed up with episodes of other shows, so this is just a suggested episode. "Try, Try Again." In the episode, Mike is preparing a gourmet meal for Saturday. Jan is practicing tap dancing in the kitchen and his soufflé that he had spent 3 days preparing is knocked to the floor. While it is true soufflés can "fall" (meaning deflate), it's because the cooking time was wrong (or opening the oven door too soon) or the structure of the egg whites is too weak. Noises don't make them collapse.


New this month This was not from "Try, try again" (though I do remember that scene too). That was in a later season when the kids were older. The one I was talking about was during the first season when all the kids were young. I know the scene in question were the 4 youngest kids and the scene started by each the boys and girls arguing that Greg/Marcia (running for student body president) doesn't stand a chance against him/her to win (boys for Greg, girls for Marcia).

New this month That's "Vote For Brady", s01e11. I watched it and for some reason Carol tells Mike to be careful, after he makes too much noise, indicating noise will ruin the cake. Alice does keep checking on the cake with the oven light every time the kids make too much noise. However, the cake is always fine, and in fact getting bigger. Then, realizing the cake is fine, Alice is relieved and leans against the counter, knocking over the cutting board. The cutting board crashes to the ground, which this time does cause the cake to flatten. It seems like an exaggerated prop, I've never see a cake rise like that, it looks like how a muffin might rise. Then it's somehow deflated, as if it was hollow, like a puffed pastry, or too raw. If it was too raw, it shouldn't flatten in the oven. But the look of the cake doesn't remind me of any puffed pasty, which is made from a dough, not a batter and the cake looks like a batter cake to me. So, it just deflates for irony or comedy of error reasons.


Answer: I have not seen the scene, but a cake, realistically, would not deflate in that way. There are some desserts, like delicate, airy souffles, that can deflate during and after baking, and that must be served almost immediately from the oven. The scene, broadly played for humor, is merely meant to show the argument's growing intensity gauged against the rate of the deflating cake.

raywest Premium member

Question: Is there anywhere I could find behind the scenes of Buckbeak's execution? From before they went back in time? If so, can I please have a link?

Answer: Buckbeak was never executed. Harry, Hermione, and Ron had mistakenly believed he was because from their vantage point on the hill, they could not see that Buckbeak had already disappeared. What they initially saw was the executioner swinging his ax in frustration because Buckbeak was gone. We learn later that the "alternate" Harry and Hermione had already rescued him before the execution. Therefore, there are no scenes filmed showing this.

raywest Premium member

New this month I know that. I meant are there any behind the scenes videos for that scene at all.

New this month There is this on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HR8stMyZWq0.

raywest Premium member

New this month Thank you. Please let me know if there's more.

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