11th Mar 2007

Stargate SG-1 (1997)

Show generally

Question: I noticed that in several episodes (especially season 6) Daniel is wearing what appears to be the same sweater. Is this just a coincidence or is there some special significance to the sweater?

Answer: As far as I'm aware it's just a sweater, nothing special about it.


Answer: Agreed with the previous answer, but the sweater is just to set Daniel apart from everyone else while he is ascended.

18th Nov 2006

Saw III (2006)

Question: What is the liquid that is sprayed on the girl in the first room that Jeff enters?

It was super cold water - she died because she was freezing (she froze to death).

4th Aug 2006

Four Brothers (2005)

Question: This seems like a stupid question, but is Jack really gay, or are they all teasing him? I'm just a little curious as to whether there's a deleted scene or something on the special DVD which clarifies that point.

Answer: Yes he actually is gay and the other brothers tease him but as more of a loving way.

Answer: They are just teasing him, like all good brothers do.


16th May 2006

Dark Angel (2000)

Answer: Max and the others in her group were the X5 series.


19th Apr 2006

Die Hard 2 (1990)

Question: In the scene where General Esperanza takes control of the plane he is on, it shows him locked in chains, but then later it shows him strangling the guard aboard the plane. it is never shown how he got out of the chains, so how did he do that?

Answer: He wasn't released from the chains when he strangled the guard, he would have sweet talked the guard into coming near him for something, killed him and then got the key from him.


15th Aug 2005

Scream (1996)

Question: What is that thing the killers (and Sydney) used for the Ghostface voice, and where can I get one of those?

Answer: You have to hire Roger Jackson. It's not like they used in this movie an actual voice changer.

Sammo Premium member

Question: The trivia section mentions Ed saying something about a man called Snakehips, my question is who is Snakehips?

Answer: When they are in the Winchester after Shaun splits up with his girlfriend. Ed is talking about the others in the pub. Snakehips is the guy smoking at the bar.


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