Chris Moyer Grice

24th Apr 2005

Jumanji (1995)

Continuity mistake: After Sarah and Alan have been embedded into the floor by the quicksand, she rolls the dice with her teeth onto the board that's been propped up on Alan's face. The next time we see the board, when Peter's fighting with the spiders, the board's completely flat on the floor, when Alan's head should be propping it up. There's no angle between the main board and the two halves that fold out, but they are bent downward in the previous shot. Also, after Alan moves the board, at first it's relatively perpendicular to his face. Then, a few shots later when the spiders are retreating because of the impending earthquake, the board's rotated 45 degrees and moved farther away. It wasn't moved by rumblings from the earthquake- this is before the ground actually begins to shake. (01:28:15)

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