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Question: What is Bob's real movie name? Nathan names him Bob, he's listed as "The Silent Samurai" in the credits, and the director refers to him as Nathan's guardian in the commentary, but is there another name that he's known as?

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Chosen answer: No one in the movie ever calls him by name and all credits indicate him only as "The Silent Samurai."

Continuity mistake: During the scene where Nobutada's top knot is cut off, his hair magically changes positions multiple times. When the police officer begins cutting his hair, you see his face close up, and there is no hair on his shoulders- it's all behind his head, presumably still connected to the topknot. You then see Nobutada from a distance. The officer's finishing cutting at his hair, and you can see a lot of it resting on the front of his shoulders. The next shot of Nobutada is a closeup on his face and shoulders again, and his hair's all behind his head- his shoulders are clean. The officer then kicks him down to the ground, and his hair's back in front. The two different angles were shot separately- one while the officer's cutting his hair and one where the officer finishes and kicks him to the ground, thus the inconsistency. (01:25:30)

Chris Moyer Grice Premium member

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