Corrected entry: Near the end of the final battle when Tom Hanks is lying wounded on the bridge, the weather is all dry and it's not raining at all. But when the reinforcements arrive and the camera moves to an overview shot revealing number of rangers and a jeep heading towards the bridge, it's miraculously started raining and the ground looks covered with puddles, as if it's rained for a long time already. Yet it never rains during the battle or anywhere near it. When it moves back to a closeup shot of Tom Hanks, it's dry again. The weather changes between dry and wet several times.


Correction: The wet ground is not caused by rain, it's caused by debris and large objects falling into the river, causing the water to splash up and onto the ground.

27th Sep 2006

American Wedding (2003)

Correction: This is a character choice not a mistake. Stifler being Stifler, he could easily have had some crazy idea for a bachelor party on the middle of Lake Michigan (island, rented party boat, or his gung-ho nature doesn't care about an errant marker).


Corrected entry: On the beach, when Capt. Miller is dragging the wounded Briggs, there is a tank in the background, most likely a Sherman M4. Yet, a few minutes before he was telling "All the armor's foundering in the channel". Also we never see tanks landing on the beach so this tank appeared from nowhere. (00:12:05)


Correction: The Statement by Captain Miller is simply a generalization, and not meant as fact. Some, though few tanks landed on the beaches in the first hours, although we don't see it, it makes no difference. We don't see every single man who is there land either, but we know they are there.

Alex Fulle

13th Apr 2005

Black Hawk Down (2001)

Corrected entry: In the conversation scene between Mr. Atto and general Garrisson, we see sunglasses and an ash tray placed on the table. In the next shot the ash tray moves to different place and the sunglasses switch position.


Correction: The two shots of the table are from opposite sides of it, which is why they appear to have swapped sides.

Jon Sandys Premium member

17th Apr 2005

Black Hawk Down (2001)

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie when the character played by Eric Bana is walking at the Bakara market, you can see there's a total number of four crew members behind him in the crowd (one is right behind him and three more a bit further). It's easy to spot these white men in a crowd where everyone's supposed to be black.


Correction: There are white men in the background but there is nothing to indicate they are part of the crew as they are just walking around doing nothing but looking around. They could be visitors or may have been backup for Eric Bana's character in case anything went wrong whilst he was waiting there.

Lummie Premium member

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