Corrected entry: After Dr. Frankenstein flips his last dart behind him during his dart game with Inspector Kemp, a loud commotion of breaking glass is heard, but behind them is only the castle wall and a set of fireplace tools that are undisturbed.


Correction: That's just a joke - a disproportionately chaotic noise compared to the events.

Corrected entry: Bert the cop fires seven bullets from his six-shooter at George Bailey as George flees the area.


Correction: Bert shouts "stand back!" then fires once, then three times in quick succession, then twice more. Six total.

Correction: I played it multiple times. Bert only fires six shots.


Corrected entry: A squid does not propel itself at speed tentacles first, but head first.


Correction: The first films of giant squid, captured in the Sea of Japan in 2013, show them doing just that. It's all about how they attack prey and the positioning of their eyes, but they can and do travel at speed tentacles first.

27th Jul 2015

Star Trek (1966)

Whom Gods Destroy - S3-E14

Corrected entry: Garth, shape-shifted as Spock, applies the Vulcan nerve pinch to Marta. Since Garth can only imitate the physical appearance of someone and not that person's life experience, Garth would have no knowledge of the Vulcan nerve pinch. The same could be said of when Garth shape shifts into Kirk - if Garth had Kirk's knowledge, he would have known the counter sign that Scotty used to challenge him for the beam up.


Correction: It seems more likely Garth's henchman simply played along to convince Kirk Garth was Spock.

Correction: Garth, prior to being able to shape-shift and going insane, was a well respected Starfleet Captain and skilled tactician. In fact, he was required reading at the academy. Captain Garth would no doubt have extensive knowledge of Vulcans and the Vulcan nerve pinch, including learning how to do it.


The Shape of Doom - S2-E20

Corrected entry: Captain Crane orders the Seaview to come about 360°. So Crane ordered the sub to turn back to face where they were facing originally.


Correction: The degrees aren't an instruction on how far to turn, it's a final bearing. 360 just means turn due north.

Corrected entry: In the original movie and in the sequel "Beneath", it is established the ape civilization has its own alphabet. However, the peace protesters attempting to block the Ape army from leaving Ape City have protest signs written in English.


Correction: Taylor spends a large part of the first movie communicating with Zira and Cornelius in written English. At no point is it established that the Apes have a different alphabet.

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