24th May 2019

Time Tunnel (1966)

The Revenge of Robin Hood - S1-E16

Character mistake: When Robin Hood and his gang ambushes the king's cavalry, one of his crack archers fumbles and drops an arrow as he is about to shoot.


Primal Scream - S1-E13

Character mistake: The animal control officer tells Kolchak he was crazy shooting off a flash bulb at the gorilla, but the first frontal shot Kolchak took of the gorilla did not flash at all.


Character mistake: Drew Stargrove tells von Ragnar's goon to search for the computer disc in the left breast pocket of his uniform, but indicates his right breast pocket.


3rd Apr 2017

Sleeper (1973)

Character mistake: The word "Aries" is misspelled as "Aires" during the scene of the scientists being briefed on the upcoming cloning project.


The Night of Miguelito's Revenge - S4-E12

Character mistake: The store window's sign says, "Denver Mercatile" rather than "Mercantile."


6th Jun 2016

Houdini (2014)

Show generally

Character mistake: At Houdini's performance for the Kaiser, a German officer with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel (Oberstleutnant) is asked to assist. Houdini at first correctly addresses him as Lieutenant Colonel, but then incorrectly refers to him as Lieutenant several times after that.


19th Mar 2016

Star Trek (1966)

Devil in the Dark - S1-E26

Character mistake: Kirk informs Spock via communicator the Horta is ten feet from him, and Spock insists Kirk kill it. First, both know they cannot kill it with their phasers, and second, Spock's demand for Kirk to kill the Horta runs counter to the Vulcan philosophy of respect for all life. Spock would never want to harm, let alone kill, another life form.

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Suggested correction: At this point they don't have any proof that they can't kill it, and since Kirk is in danger, it's logical to try. Also, Spock is half human and he's concerned about his best friend being killed. Logical or not, he'll want Kirk to protect himself at all costs. Other episodes have shown where Spock doesn't always behave logically when his friends are at risk and he lets his emotions come out.


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