Sarah Van Winkle

17th Nov 2005

Home Alone (1990)

Corrected entry: To pay for his groceries, Kevin hands the cashier a folded-up bill, and the cashier takes it, still folded. When the scene immediately cuts to the cashier, she is holding an unfolded bill.

Sarah Van Winkle

Correction: You can only see the top corner of the bill in that shot. You can't tell if it's folded or unfolded. In the next shot afterwards that you can see the bill, it is unfolded, but she would have had time to unfold it by then.

Corrected entry: While Elvira is burning at the stake, she has a flashback. When she returns to her senses she says, "The ring," but her mouth doesn't move.

Sarah Van Winkle

Correction: It's a soliloquy - we are 'listening' to her thoughts. Of course her lips don't move.

Corrected entry: When Elvira throws her shoe at Vincent, it's shown flying through the air. With the way the shoe is spinning, there's no way it could have stabbed Vincent through the forehead.

Sarah Van Winkle

Correction: You've missed the point of the whole gag. It is a send up of an identical scene (with the same plot hole) in Pamela Anderson's 'Barb Wire'.

Corrected entry: The movie is set in Britain, but the people in the candy store offer Charlie "dollars" instead of "pounds."

Sarah Van Winkle

Correction: While Charlie and his family are English, it's never stated what country the film's set in - it's deliberately vaguely multicultural.


27th Apr 2005

Ladder 49 (2004)

Corrected entry: When Jack is rappelling down the side of the building to save the man, the man grabs Jack when Jack's not ready. They begin swinging around. Jack's solution is to break through a window. Before the window breaks, there's a bar through the window, creating two panes. Just before the window breaks, the bar is gone, and the window is one solid pane of glass.

Sarah Van Winkle

Correction: Actually I just watched this scene in slow motion and it is always two panes of glass even right before it breaks. However, right after the two panes of glass break, you can see Morrison push the bar out of the way and it is never seen again.

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