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Corrected entry: After chasing the sheriff's posse out of the woods, Rambo kills and eats a wild boar, despite a dearth of wild boar in western Washington.

Correction: Just because they are scarce does not mean he could not have caught one.

Mad Ade

15th Feb 2007

Dad's Army (1968)

War Dance - S3-E9

Corrected entry: When Fraser introduces his niece Blodwin to Captain Mainwaring, she starts her line, "Sorry, I didn't have time to put a dress on," too early. She starts it, then Mainwaring says his line, then Blodwin says her line in full.

Correction: More of a character mistake. I have often seen and done myself the same thing where a sentence is started, then halted and then resume after some one else has spoken. Especially with some one who has apparent authority.

Mad Ade

Corrected entry: The centurion and the soldiers assisting with the crucifixion stress they are in a hurry because they have one hundred and forty people to crucify. They leave, and there are no more people waiting to be crucified, but there are less than twenty people crucified in the final scene.

Correction: They could well have other people to crucify in another area of the city limits. Just because they did not crucify them there does not mean they did not have more to do elsewhere.

Mad Ade

Corrected entry: In the parking lot when Marty begins to film, Doc says the date and exact time according to his watch. Marty then looks at his watch. Apparently his is off because he shakes his wrist and puts the watch to his ear to see if it is still working. However, he is wearing a digital watch which wouldn't tick or likely have broken parts to rattle.

Correction: Character mistake not a movie mistake. I often look at my wrist when asked the time even though I do not wear a watch.

Mad Ade

Corrected entry: When Doc and Marty are in the old mine looking for the Time Machine they bust open the sealed entry and find it. The entry is too small to get the Time Machine out. Even if we assume that they made the entry larger, how did the 1885 version of Doc get the Time Machine into the room through the smaller entry back in 1885?

Robert Sullinger

Correction: In Doc's letter to Marty he said he had been living happily there for several months, which is plenty of time for a man of the Doc's abilities to strip the car down and rebuild it in the mine shaft.

Mad Ade

29th Sep 2006

Hollow Man (2000)

Corrected entry: There is a scene where the invisible Sebastian rolls over on his 'bed' and pulls the sheet over. The next shot is from the opposite direction where you can see the monitor showing the thermo image of Sebastian - in the monitor we see Sebastian rolling over and pulling the sheet again. Real time would not afford enough time to be doing this twice.

Correction: Not all films are shown in real time. The monitor shot was just reshowing the previous scene but through the thermal imaging monitor, both happening at the same moment, but shown independantly of each other.

Mad Ade

9th Sep 2006

Little Britain (2003)

Show generally

Corrected entry: In the 'Only Gay in the Village' sketch, Myfanwy the barmaid is named after a director.

Correction: Seeing as Myfanwy is a very common Welsh name for a female, it is extremely unlikely that the name was used purely because it was shared by a director of the show.

Mad Ade

1st Jul 2006

U-571 (2000)

Corrected entry: In the scene where they took the Germans captive after assaulting the U-Boat, the black cook tells one of the Nazi's, "I bet you never seen a black man before, have you." At this time of history, the term "black" was never used, even by blacks themselves. They called themselves "negroes" or "colored".


Correction: Simply not true. People of colour had referred to themselves as "Black" for many many years prior to the second world war. It may not have be a generally accepted term or even widely used on world scale but it was used. Victorians often called africans "Blacks" in literature.

Mad Ade

Corrected entry: When Leigh, Sophie, and Robert take the flight from France to England, the setting changes from late night to midday almost. Due to the time change when flying to England from France, it would be approximately the same time in England when they arrived as when they left France, not midday.

Correction: They were not originally heading for England, although I forget for the moment where they were heading, but it was a while into the flight before they realised that they needed to go to England, thus accounting for the time difference.

Mad Ade

Corrected entry: When Langdon and Neveu enter Westminster Abbey, there is scaffolding around the right tower. Cathedrals often do this for cleaning. When they exit, there is no scaffolding around that tower, and the tower is quite clean.

Correction: What we are seeing as they enter the abbey is a mixed scene with images from the past and present jumbled up together, the right hand tower of the abbey is not quite complete in some shots since the Abbey's two western towers were still under construction at the time of Newton's death. This is a glimpse from that era.

Mad Ade

20th May 2006

Batman (1989)

Corrected entry: Right after the Joker falls from the cathedral the shot slowly zooms to him lying dead on the ground below, with the laugh box giggling away. Watch his left eye closely and you can see it blink, despite his being "dead". (00:01:55)


Correction: Involuntary twitches are common in the recently dead, especially if the death was caused suddenly. The blinking eye could have been nothing more than a final twitch as the brain shuts down. For a cinematic reference, look at The Rock, when a body is twitching after being killed, freaking out Nic Cage. It's not often portrayed, but does happen.

Mad Ade

17th May 2006

Anchorman (2004)

Corrected entry: When Jack Black is on the bridge, after he kicks Ron Burgundy's dog over the side, he says "That's how I roll." The movie takes place in the 1970's. Although very funny, this urban slang/phrase is an anachronism. It did not appear on the scene until the early 2000's, so it's about 30 years out of sync. (00:48:55)

Luna Negra

Correction: The term may have been popularised by the explosion in the media during the last decade, but the terms, "Let's roll" or "roll 'em" etc. when used in this manner have been around for the best part of half a century in the film and TV industry. It was used in the 1950's in conjuction with popular music and its attributions.

Mad Ade

13th May 2006

King Arthur (2004)

Corrected entry: In the final battle the defenders use the trebuchets left behind by the retreating Roman army. But trebuchets require a lot of technical experience to use effectively. With the depart of the Roman empire these 'high-tech' weapons had become useless.

Correction: The trebuchet is nothing more that a huge sling shot and anyone with a modicum of intellect would soon work out the basics of the mechanism. The effectiveness of their use is indeed pivotal to the sucess of the shot, but not necessary in the working and destructiveness of its use.

Mad Ade

17th May 2006

Twister (1996)

Corrected entry: At the part when they are driving in the car (near the climax scene of the big tornado) the weather radio in the car is issuing alerts about the big "F5" tornado on the ground nearby. That is a huge mistake, because there is no way to know that until a survey is done of the tornado damage afterwards. Only then can a tornado be called an "F5" or "F3".

Correction: More of a character mistake than a movie mistake. The radio anouncer probably knew it was a huge twister and incorrectly pronounced it an "F5" before it could be correctly classified later.

Mad Ade

Corrected entry: If Fran was 31/2 or 4-months pregnant like Steve said, then she shouldn't have been able to lift them heavy cardboard boxes to block the door.

Correction: Being pregnant does not make you weak; not lifting heavy objects is only a recommendation, not a physical law. Many women in poorer countries work heavy manual jobs whilst pregnant, often up to the day they give birth. So there is not reason why a fit, healthy, 4 month pregnant woman could not move some boxes, especially in such extreme circumstances.

Mad Ade

13th May 2006

Blackadder (1986)

Show generally

Corrected entry: In the Christmas Carol, Queen Elizabeth claims she cannot reverse a death warrant. But in series 2, episode "Potatoe" Walter Raleigh is let off, and in episode 2-2, "Head", she also gives a pardon from death sentence.

Correction: And during the entire series she changes her mind on numerous different issues depending on what mood she is in that day, or even that moment. One of the aspects of her character is the fact that she is inconsistent and changes her mind with child like frequency, as and when the feeling takes her. So hardly a mistake, just a character trait.

Mad Ade

11th May 2006

The Simpsons (1989)

Lisa's Wedding - S6-E19

Corrected entry: At the wedding, we see an old Ned and Maude Flanders sitting with the guests, even though Maude dies during series 11, years before the wedding.

Correction: Not really a mistake as the "future" event was only a prediction from a dubious fortune teller and not an accurate or precise account of things to come. As the fortune teller told Lisa of her future, what we see is Lisa imagining the story, and seeing as Lisa would not know of Maude's untimely death, she would still assume, as the fortune teller spoke of the wedding party that everyone she knows now would be there.

Mad Ade

9th May 2006

Doctor Who (2005)

Aliens of London (1) - S1-E4

Corrected entry: Rose's mum phones the Alien hotline and tells them all about the Doctor. She says that he's called the Doctor and has a Blue Box, fair enough. But then she says he called it a TARDIS. Except that no one called it a TARDIS in front of her. The closest was Mickey calling it "that box thing"

Correction: What is seen on screen does not represent every second of real time, so therefore it is quite possible that the name was mentioned at some moment which was not seen on screen.

Mad Ade

9th May 2006

Fawlty Towers (1975)

Basil the Rat (a.k.a. Rats) - S2-E6

Corrected entry: When Mr. Carnegie is running through the list of things he has found wrong in the kitchen, one of them is the lack of a wash-hand basin. However in the episode "Waldorf Salad" Terry is seen washing his hands in the kitchen sink (wash-hand basin) and in this episode when Polly closes the fridge door the sink is visible. So why is Mr. Carnegie complaining about the lack of a wash-hand basin when there is one already present?

Correction: Perhaps he considered just one not enough for the size of the kitchen, thus a "lack" of hand wash basins would be correct.

Mad Ade

3rd Jan 2006

King Kong (2005)

Corrected entry: While everyone is on Skull Island, Hayes tells Jimmy he was in the Army, and had a Drill Sergeant. However, the first U.S. Army Drill Sergeant course wasn't offered until 1964. Prior to this, Drill Sergeants were known as Military Training Instructors.

Correction: Although correctly termed "Military Training Instructors" as a true title, they were still known informally as drill instructor or drill sergeants to the men under their command.

Mad Ade

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