Mad Ade

3rd May 2006

The Robe (1953)

Corrected entry: During the film many of the characters refer to the area "Palestine" when speaking of "Jerusalem". Unfortunately "Palestine" was not named so when the film was set (30AD), the area in question was known as "Judea" until renamed "Palestine" around 120 AD, some 90 or so years later.

Mad Ade

Correction: This is wrong, what the submitter is referring to is the province Syria Palaestina, which was formed 135AD. However, the name Palestine for that region was around since the 5th century BC, deriving its name from a 1150BC word for the area.


29th Apr 2006

Silent Hill (2006)

Corrected entry: When both Rose and Cybil first encounter one of Silent Hill's "eerie" residents, the walking acid vomiting zombie, both their radios and mobile phone react with static, as they do in the game. Yet they react at no other time when any other creatures are near.

Mad Ade

Correction: This is a discrepency between the mediums, not a film mistake. It is never stated *why* the phone reacts this way, so there is no requirement for it to do so every time.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Ian abandons Ben and Riley at the Charlotte with no food, provisions or transport, how do they get back to the States so quickly? I know Ian mentions moving before any one sees the smoke from the explosion, but this does not mean anyone would come or did come.

Mad Ade

Correction: After being abandoned at the Charlotte, Ben points out that they are nine miles from a settlement frequented by bush pilots. They could have easily trekked that distance.

Corrected entry: Jack (De Niro) is super-suspicious and likely to be aware of all the facts about everything that affects his family, yet he did not know that Greg's mother was a sex therapist. Surely once he knew his daughter was to marry into the Focker family, he would have looked into the family's background.

Mad Ade

Correction: Reasonable point but remember from the first film that he was not even aware of his future son-in-law's real name so he has made mistakes in the past making this one believable. It's also likely that he only checked their background for criminal or political activities which would not necessarily flag up her occupation.


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