14th Nov 2011

Halloween 4 (1988)

Trivia: The guard at the beginning says that Michael killed 16 people, we only see Michael officially kill 14 people in parts 1 & 2, which means there are two more victims we never see.


15th Oct 2011

It (1990)

Trivia: In the scene where IT appears as Belch to convince Henry Bowers to escape from the asylum, Henry says "they have Koontz watching the door, Koontz is the worst, I hate him". One of Stephen King's rival authors is Dean Koontz.


29th Sep 2010

Critters 2 (1988)

Trivia: In this movie, bounty-hunter Lee attempts to transform into Freddy Kruger, in A Nightmare Of Elm Street 3, the woman that plays Jennifer watches Critters 1 on TV.


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