29th Mar 2003

Pet Sematary (1989)

Corrected entry: In the part where it flashes back to when Gage was hit by the truck they show him turning his head to see what is behind him then he gets hit, whereas previously when they showed him really get hit he is obviously facing straight at the truck.

Correction: The flashback was in Louis' dream, there's no mistakes in dreams.


Corrected entry: Dt. Thorne finds a child's finger in a candle at the Jay Cho crime scene and shortly after solves the box that, unknown to him, sends him into Hell; almost at the end he discovers that the other fingers he has found throughout the story are those of himself as a child. He shouldn't have found a finger until after he first played with the puzzle box because he was still in reality at the Jay Cho scene.

Correction: Even though he was still in reality, the finger in the candle could be from a different child, until Thorn opened the box, where in his reality/his hell, the finger is his, but in real life the finger was from another child.


Corrected entry: The eel that Trevor coughs up in the middle of the movie in his apartment is very long and brown but the eel pulled from his mouth at the very end is much shorter and a yellow/cream colour.

Correction: Trevor's in his own reality, where he's being tormented by Pinhead, he wouldn't know the colour or size of the eel that's inside of him.


2nd Oct 2006

Pet Sematary II (1992)

Corrected entry: When Jeff's mom is killed on the set, there are distinct burn marks on her face from the cage, but when she comes back, her face looks pretty smooth.

Correction: The burnt marks are covered with make-up from the morticians, when she's melting from the fire, you can see the marks return.


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