24th May 2021

Chicago Med (2015)

A Red Pill, a Blue Pill - S6-E14

Corrected entry: Natalie gives her Mom pills from a medical trial without authorization. When she brings her Mom into the ED and asked about what pills she has taken, she lies about the trial meds. When the pills need to be examined, Natalie goes to the car, takes out the trial pills from a pill organizer and shoves them loosely in her pocket. When she is later confronted about the pills she reluctantly takes them out of her pocket, but now they are conveniently inside a plastic pill bottle.


Correction: There was a scene after Natalie goes back into the hospital after getting the purse from the car where she is in the doctors lounge area (where their lockers are) and we see her take the pills from her pocket and put them into the bottle.

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