Roy Blankenship

18th Feb 2022

The Brave One (2007)

Plot hole: Brewster gives Erica his gun to shoot the last perp, but it was HER gun that shot the other two. Brewster is going to have to convince investigating officers that the one perp killed the other two...or would they even care?

Roy Blankenship

Trivia: The same cars are seen over and over in the traffic shots: a '55 Plymouth, a red-orange VW bus, the car that was following Bond, a '58 Dodge.

Roy Blankenship

Continuity mistake: The caliper on the disc brake of the Harley trike used by the Wolf in the early scenes is forward of the front end leg, after the explosion, the front end shown has the caliper behind the leg.

Roy Blankenship

1st Aug 2010

The Substitute (1996)

25th Jul 2010

Collateral Damage (2002)

Trivia: In the scene after the Policia Nacional capture Brewer, a police vehicle goes by, the man in the back on the left has his face digitized out.

Roy Blankenship

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