Peter Vanicelli

1st Jun 2005

Spider-Man 2 (2004)

Continuity mistake: In the elevator scene when Peter/Spider-man first loses his powers, we see a man standing outside the elevator holding a dog on a leash. However, after Spider-man delivers the line about the costume riding up on the crotch, we see the man use both hands to adjust his jacket, and the leash is nowhere to be found, nor is their any indication that the dog is on the elevator. (00:29:30 - 00:30:35)

Peter Vanicelli

Trivia: Casting Kenneth Welsh as the Vice President was controversial due to his physical resemblance to US Vice-President Dick Cheney, but Roland Emmerich insisted on it for that very reason, likely to highlight the Bush/Cheney administration's opposition to the Kyoto Protocol for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Peter Vanicelli

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