10th Jan 2009

Quantum of Solace (2008)

Corrected entry: In the underground riverbed as Bond climbs the rocks and discovers the giant reservoir, he is wearing shoes, barefoot, and wearing shoes again.

Correction: He is wearing shoes throughout the whole scene. The girl, however, is barefoot.


Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie when they come for Tristan he says take me to the woods. Col. Ludlow comes out and Tristan walks over to him. When Col. Ludlow raises his shotgun there is a long bead of sweat running down the right side of his face, the scene cuts away and when it cuts back as he shoots the shotgun the sweat is gone.

Correction: You mean to tell us that the bead of sweat could not have fallen from the actor's face while the scene was being shot?


22nd May 2006

Ghost (1990)

Corrected entry: When Sam is terrorizing Willy in Oda Mae's bathroom, Sam turns on the sink faucet and the mirror above the sink is clear. In the very next shot, steam has instantly appeared on the mirror for Sam to write "Boo" on.

Correction: It doesn't take long for my water to fog up my bathroom mirror. If the hot water is turned up on your heater tank, it's really no challenge whatsoever to accomplish this in seconds.


17th Dec 2003

Tombstone (1993)

Corrected entry: At the fight at the OK Corral, Tom McLaury is standing behind a horse and Doc Holliday fires his shotgun into the air to scare away the horse, but the horse didn't spook all the other times guns were being fired before that.

Correction: Doesn't necessarily make this an error. Who knows what horses will do from one moment to the next.


27th Aug 2001

Death Race 2000 (1975)

Corrected entry: When Machine Gun Joe (Stallone) is about to run over a guy he knocked down from a ladder, you can see a bus and some cars in the background, commuting as on a normal day, not a day when everyone is supposed to be avoiding the racers who kill people for points.

Correction: There were two people performing some service on phone poles, and only one worker got knocked down. If these people were out on a day putting their lives on the line, why wouldn't there be traffic on the roads too?


Corrected entry: When Eastwood rides out of town after it has been painted red, the sky is cloudy; some of the clouds are even ominously dark. Minutes later, when Stacy and his men ride in to terrorize the town, the sky is cloudless.

Correction: Working in weather and living in the Rockies, it takes time for a system of that magnitude to develop, and appear as big as it does in the movie. It does not go from sunny with clouds, to dark and ominous in one camera change.

Correction: Not a mistake. I have seen many times where the clouds look as if they are going to burst forth with massive rain; then, the skies would change within minutes to produce a beautiful day.


14th May 2006

Braveheart (1995)

Corrected entry: When Murron is in the forest in William's dream, and she says "Wake up, William", a figure in black passes on one side of her briefly, possibly a crew member. It happens quickly but is noticeable.

Correction: Looks like nothing but fog behind her to me.


14th May 2006

The Ninth Gate (1999)

Corrected entry: At the end of the film, when Depp returns to the Cenzia Brother's shop, the last engraving that slides off the top of the bookcase is at first not visible because it is coated in gray dust. When Depp picks it up, however, it is spotless.

Correction: Untrue. When Depp picks it up he wipes his hand across it to remove the filth.


25th Oct 2005

Four Brothers (2005)

Corrected entry: During the car chase, Jack's hair alternates from spiked/flat between shots.

Correction: It was flat throughout the whole scene.


19th Dec 2005

Four Brothers (2005)

Corrected entry: During the car chase there's a heavy snowstorm. In one shot, though, it's not snowing.

Correction: Sorry. I saw one heck of a blizzard throughout the entire car chase scene.


Corrected entry: Why didn't Frank's men attempt to outbid Harmonica when he successfully made the $5,000 bid (using Cheyenne) for the railroad station? It's not like they didn't have the money, given that Frank tried to buy the property back off Harmonica later.

Gavin Jackson

Correction: I suspect that they would've outbid him, if they had the right amount of money. That property would've gone for five hundred dollars if Harmonica hadn't walked in at the last moment. Harmonica was feeling the bid process to see how much money Frank gave them. Let's face it, if you gave those band of cutthroats an exorbitant amount of money, you would probably have to hunt them down and kill them later. Additionally, back in those days, I am sure they wanted cash on the barrel head after you won a bid in an auction. (Or proof of property that is worth that dollar amount.) I mean you couldn't just whip out a VISA card and charge it.


Corrected entry: When Richard Gere's car breaks down on his way to Richmond and he stops at Gordon's house and Sgt. Connie Parker (Laura Linney) turns up and gives him a lift to Point Pleasant, she arrives in a state trooper police car, in the next scene, they are travelling in a Jeep Grand Cherokee police vehicle.

Correction: I disagree. It is a Jeep Grand Cherokee in both scenes.


16th Jan 2005

The Village (2004)

Corrected entry: In the scene where Kitty is getting married, August Nicholson is doing the ceremony and he stands to the left of them. The camera then shows Ivy talking to an elder. When the camera goes back to Kitty and her new husband, August Nicholson is on the right side of them.

Correction: Before the camera shifts away from the marriage scene, you see August is making a noticeable movement to the opposite side, while guiding the young couple to the side that he was standing on through a hand gesture. Wouldn't it be reasonable to presume that changes in position would be expected by the time the camera returns to them?


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