1st Sep 2020

Ocean's Twelve (2004)

Question: I know the crew is trying to steal the fake egg all for appearances, because they already have the real egg. They are doing this just so that the Nightfox doesn't get suspicious. My question is, why would that really matter? Tolour is going to find out that they stole the egg prior to the bet being made either way. If they fear he won't pay if they stole it before the bet...well, again, he will find this out anyway. They really could have just said right after the bet that they had already stolen it and won. Was the fake robbery more for the benefit of Lemarque's daughter and getting her to ruin her career, so she would board the plane?


Answer: If they'd told him right away, he never would have made the bet at all. And I kind of doubt he'd honor the bet if, right after suggesting the egg (and before even giving the money to Lemarque to hold in escrow), Danny just announced they already had stolen it. It was partially about Isabel, sure, but also about humiliating Toulour and teaching him a lesson for "breaking rule number one."

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