Year of Hell (2) - S4-E9

Corrected entry: When Chakotay's comet removal simulation erases 8,000 civilizations, Annorax tells him that 4 billion years before, material from the comet was the catalyst for the eventual development of several civilizations. However, comets, by their very nature, are short-lived, around 10,000 years. There is no way a comet that seeded life across multiple solar systems 4 billion years earlier would still exist.


Correction: Not entirely correct. The typical dynamical lifetime of a comet is about 500,000 years, which of course, can vary. After its dynamical lifetime, the comet becomes a dead comet, Once a comet has lost all of its available volatile materials, its coma and tail will disappear and the remaining inert nucleus will take on the appearance of an asteroid. Since it is never mentioned what type of comet they are discussing, the scenario is plausible.


4th Jan 2013

2 Broke Girls (2011)

And the High Holidays - S2-E12

Corrected entry: During the open, there is a tray holding two cupcakes in front of Max and Caroline, and Max removes one to put it in a box. The shot changes to a close up of Max during which her arm moves one time. The shot changes back to in front of them and now there are five cupcakes on the tray and Max removes one to put in the box.


Correction: After Caroline makes her little dance, she actually make TWO movements to her right. The first she picks up two cupcakes and then reaches for the last one with her right hand [while looking at Max]. 2 [on tray in front] + 2 + 1 = 5.


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