16th Oct 2010

Collateral Damage (2002)

Factual error: After the terrorists on the motorcycle take off, Gordon uses a fire axe to puncture the natural gas line. The natural gas (which was under pressure) would have quickly filled the tunnel. Now when the motorbike drives through it, the engine should have revved high with a combustible gas being taken in in place of oxygen. It would be like using nitrous on a hot rod. But you can hear the RPM's stay normal for a motorcycle.


2nd Oct 2010

Commando (1985)

Factual error: The explosives that Matrix places by the buildings on the island are Anti-personnel Claymore mines. You can see on the back, it says "APERS MINE" (APERS MINE = Anti-Personnel Mine). They spray out steel balls designed to take out enemy troops. The relatively small amount of explosive in them is used to propel the steel balls to lethal speeds. There's nowhere near enough explosive in them to demolish those buildings the way that was shown in the movie. In regards to the point about explosives being inside the buildings and being "ignited by the blast of the mines". There's no way Matrix could have known about the explosives inside the buildings. He was OUTSIDE the buildings, so he would have no logical reason to place the explosives there. Also, some of those buildings were barracks for the troops. There would not be explosives stored in them. (01:09:55)


Factual error: There's no way Kristatos' thug in the diving hardsuit could have the maneuverability to get inside the wreck and move around in such close quarters. Diving hardsuits aren't made for shipwreck diving.


1st Apr 2010

Die Hard 2 (1990)

Factual error: When McClane is trapped in the cockpit of Esperanza's plane, and the terrorists throw grenades in, it sure takes them a long time to explode, almost 30 seconds before he ejects from the plane and the grenades go off. Normal grenades have about a 5 second fuse. With a delay that long he could even have thrown them all back out at the bad guys.


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