Revealing mistake: At the beginning when the ruler is making his speech, you can see his modern day fillings in his upper molars.


15th Feb 2010

Wag The Dog (1997)

Character mistake: When they are preparing to film the "Albanian Girl" fleeing the war the girl with the clip board refers to the actress playing the "Albanian Girl" (Kirsten Dunst) by her real name, Kirsten rather than her character name Tracy.


14th Feb 2010

Amelia (2009)

Factual error: When Amelia goes to George Putnam's suite and tells him to dance with her, she turns on the radio. The radio comes on instantly. At that time there should have been a delay of up to a minute or so, since vacuum tubes were in use and they would have taken time to warm up.


1st Feb 2010

The Book of Eli (2010)

Trivia: When Eli and Solara are in his room for the night there is a movie poster on the wall behind them for a similar post apocalyptic movie. "A Boy and His Dog". In Eli the survivors protect themselves from the sun's rays and in "A Boy and His Dog" they flee underground to hide from the sun.


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