Corrected entry: When Jane smashes into Johns car, her head lights still work. The hood is not smashed, and no breakage can be seen on the lights at all. John's car, however, is pretty banged up on the right hand side.

Correction: Like it has been said in other entries and corrections, John and Jane have all sorts of gadgets and modifications to their house and cars, would it not be possible that there are special modifications to her car that would allow her to use it as a weapon and not have it destroyed in the process?


15th Mar 2005

Titanic (1997)

Correction: When Jack is teaching Rose how to spit, they are interrupted by her Mother, Molly Brown and others. Then, they sound the call for supper/dinner. The sun would be setting at dinner time, not rising, therefore the sun is on the correct side of the ship.


10th Sep 2003

Purple Rain (1984)

Corrected entry: When they remove Kid's father from the basement to rush him to the hospital they lift him off the ground on a stretcher and you can see that there are no markings on the floor. As Kid is thinking about what happened, he looks at the floor and you now see a tape outline of a body on the floor. (01:18:21)


Correction: The way I interpret this scene, which is mentioned twice in the mistakes section, is that even though his father didn't succeed in killing himself, maybe The Kid was "wishful thinking" his father had died.


This is mostly all going on in his head, so anything is possible. I believe what the scene is meant to portray is his mental assessment (in his own mind) of the situation and of the similarities that he now has with his father. Both talented musicians, both abusive towards their female companions, both spiraling out of control. His father just tried to kill himself because it got so bad, and he is heading that way - in his vision, he sees himself hanging. He loses it entirely and starts smashing things, until he comes across his father's music (which his father lied to him and stated he never wrote them down). This sort of brings him back to reality and let's him know that it is not too late.

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