Corrected entry: When Emma is about to have her flu shot, the doctor grabs her arm and says, "You have a lump under your arm." He neither looks nor touches under her arm.


Correction: Actually if you watch closely the Dr. does indeed touch her arm and actually feels her underarm telling her there is a lump.

He actually says, "You have a lump in your armpit" rather than "under your arm" and he is indeed feeling her armpit.

10th Aug 2016

Finding Dory (2016)

Corrected entry: The whale shark keeps bumping into nearby things, claiming she is nearsighted. She is actually farsighted (able to see at a distance). Nearsighted would indicate she can see nearby objects.


Correction: Destiny IS nearsighted. She can't see the objects that are far away until they're very close which is why she bumps into them.

Corrected entry: As Annie walks toward Sam and Jonah she is holding Howard the bear and Jonah's backpack. Annie returns only the bear to Jonah; as the trio walks to the elevator Jonah is seen carrying both the backpack and the bear. (There wasn't enough time lapse between shots for the backpack to be handed over, either.)


Correction: Annie does not hand the backpack to Jonah, as he does not have it when they're leaving and going to the elevator. It just disappears, as it appears she did not drop it.

Correction: I just watched this scene, and during the time that Annie and Sam are talking, just after Annie gives Jonah the teddy bear, the camera pans up to Sam and Annie's shoulders and faces. Annie is still holding the backpack in her left hand, and Jonah, who cannot be seen at this point but is standing next to Annie, could have taken the pack from her then and she just released it to him.

raywest Premium member

Correction: Jonah can be seen stuffing his teddy bear Howard into something (I assume it is the backpack) as the trio move through the doors of the viewing back toward the elevator.

Corrected entry: Just before PeeWee pours the Mr. T cereal over his pancakes, there are two pieces of toast lying on the table. After he begins eating the cereal only one piece of toast remains. (00:07:00)


Correction: Have a closer look. The second slice of toast is there beside the other slice, although only the crust edge is visible because the glass jar is blocking the rest of the slice from view.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: Just before the announcer says, '...that's gotta hurt.' (about midway through the pod race) and again at the end of the race, watch carefully when the shot focuses on the audience cheering and you'll see a giant skeleton head being lifted a bit by the person next to it. (They may have used the same shot twice.) There's no way this prop can be confused with an alien audience member; I guess the extras were bored that day.


Correction: It is not a skeletal head, and it is not being lifted. It is the head of an alien standing up. You can see another member of his/her species in the lower right hand corner.

7th Aug 2003

Foul Play (1978)

Corrected entry: When Scarface's body is recovered from the beach, there is a brief shot of a body, completely covered by a sheet, being carried on a stretcher. As Tony approaches his captain, the body is carried past the pair and the captain says "Recognize the body?" or something similar and Tony replies, "Scarface?" Can Tony see through sheets?.


Correction: Tony is just guessing from what Gloria told him.

Corrected entry: When Indiana finally breaks through the giant 'X' on the library floor, he simply pops out the remaining marble in that area. In reality, the marble "tiles" would have been held together by some sort of cement joint, rendering it impossible for him to remove a neat square of marble without using some sort of cutting tool first. (00:29:55)


Correction: the pieces were meant as a secret door.

14th Jan 2004

Big Fish (2003)

Corrected entry: As Edward moves toward his future wife at the circus he moves through airborne popcorn. One of the pieces of popcorn falls before he brushes it out of the way or walks into it. (00:50:35)


Correction: The piece of popcorn actually touches his chest and falls to the ground, as do a few other pieces that touch his chest and fall.

25th Feb 2004

Best in Show (2000)

Corrected entry: After the judge examines Winkie she asks Gerry to take "her" down from the pedestal and walk the dog around. Cookie and Gerry refer to Winkie as "he".


Correction: It is rather hard to tell female dogs from male dogs unless you get real close and look. My male german shepard was always thought to be female even by trained dog judges.


5th May 2003

Will & Grace (1998)

Sex, Losers and Videotape - S5-E20

Corrected entry: Season 5, Episode "Sex, Losers and Videotape." Grace is trying her darndest to make a sexy video to send to Leo - why? He's working on a viral outbreak in sub-saharan Africa, and he told Grace in an earlier episode "these people don't have running water." Doesn't make sense that his precious cargo of food and medicine would include a VCR, even if electricity is on hand.


Correction: Given that Grace is not all that smart and has previously shown very little understanding of how poor conditions are for Leo (in "Fagmalion Part Two: Attack of the Clones") she might not realise that he won't be able to watch the video. Alternatively, if she had, she could easily have sent him the camcorder as well, which would allow him to watch it. Either way it's not a mistake.


25th Feb 2004

Finding Nemo (2003)

Corrected entry: When Nemo is jumping on Marlin the first day of school, the shot pans upward and it looks as though there is some sort of coral or plant life formation directly above the anemone. In all other shots there is nothing between the anemone and the ocean's surface. (00:05:15)


Correction: All exterior shots of the anemone show all sorts of plant life all around - it's quite obviously situated near the bottom of the reef where the ocean life is the most lush. The submitter may have been confusing this anemone with the one Marlin and Coral had bought at the beginning of the film, which is situated in a wide-open environment. This isn't the same one that Marlin and Nemo live in presently, though - the events that took Coral away from him have taught Marlin that a better habitat is well-protected, so they moved to a different neighborhood.

Phil C.

14th Jan 2004

Big Fish (2003)

Corrected entry: Young Will has a noticable mole on his left cheek (we see this as he is laying in bed while Edward tells him a story). Adult Will has no mole and no evidence (mark or scar) that it has been removed.


Correction: Moles can be removed without leaving a scar or any other evidence of their existence, and speaking from personal experience I know this to be true.

David Mercier

21st Jul 2003

Will & Grace (1998)

Bacon & Eggs - S5-E2

Corrected entry: Season 5, Episode "Bacon and Eggs." After multiple rejections, Grace finally decides to call Leo. She pulls his business card out of her wallet, presumably to look up his number, but barely glances at the card as she dials. (This would be plausible if she memorized his number, but if so, why pull the card out?)


Correction: She was looking through all the cards to see if there was anyone worth dating. when she saw his card she pulled to ponder whether to date him, not to find his number.

8th Sep 2003

City Slickers (1991)

Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie, Mitch, Phil and Ed ride up to the ridge together and look at the ranch below (where the cattle are to be delivered). Notice their faces: while Mitch and Phil have plenty of stubble Ed is clean shaven. Given their circumstances (lost in the wilderness, major rainstorm, no food supply) it seems odd that Ed would be concerned about shaving....


Correction: Perhaps, but Ed is full of himself and is obsessed with his ego and appearance. It's possible that he shaved (and we see him doing this just before the stampede) and the others didn't, simply because he loves himself. Look at his young girlfriends if you need proof of his vanity.

David Mercier

15th Jul 2003

You've Got Mail (1998)

Correction: There is also a sign outside the store. This sign was for all the people who were leaving the store during the closeout.

shortdanzr Premium member

6th Aug 2003

Foul Play (1978)

Corrected entry: When Scarface breaks into Gloria's apartment to steal the evidence, watch the close-up shot of him holding the film - you can see that there is a "leader" coming out of the roll, indicating the film has not yet been used.


Correction: Assuming that we are talking about 35mm film here, the leader is sometimes also visible on used rolls.

J I Cohen

12th Nov 2003

Love Actually (2003)

Corrected entry: When Jaime arrives at his family's house on Christmas eve he decides to leave almost immediately, and turns to walk out the door with the gift bags still in his hands. In the next shot, he is further out the door and his sister is now holding the bags.


Correction: There is enough time between shots for him to turn around, give the bags to his sister and walk off again.

Susan McIlroy Premium member

8th Jul 2003

Chicago (2002)

Corrected entry: During the Cell Block Tango number, Velma says 'Well, I was in such a state of shock, I completely blacked out. I can't remember a thing. It wasn't until later, when I was washing the blood off my hands I even knew they were dead.' Since she washed the blood off her hands at the theatre, and was supposedly 'blacked out' prior to that, why would she assume the blood was from her husband and sister? I know this was her defense, but it's just so transparent I can't imagine anyone buying it.


Correction: It is feasible that when she was washing off the blood from her hands she remembered what she had done, it's a defence which has been used in real cases before.


Corrected entry: As Robbie is purchasing his plane ticket to Las Vegas, the agent says "The next flight leaves in the morning." It's easy to see sunlight streaming through the terminal windows, so one can assume that Frank and Rosie's anniversary party, which Robbie attended and rushed to the airport from, was held during the day or very early evening. So why did Robbie rush off with his plane ticket, as if he were going to miss his flight? He barely had time to say goodbye to Sammy and Holly.


Correction: The airline employee tells him there's a flight in 10 minutes but it cost a ton of money. Otherwise the next flight out is in the morning, which will be too late. Robbie is rushing to catch the flight about to leave.


16th Jul 2003

The Wizard of Oz (1939)

Corrected entry: It seems strange that when Glinda sends the snow to break the wicked witch's 'poppies' spell, the snow falls on the flower fields alone. After Dorothy and her friends 'wake up' and make their way back down to the yellow brick road, notice that there is no snow on the road in front of them. You can also see this as they gaze off into the distance at the Emerald City - the painted backdrop shows snow drifts in the fields but none whatsoever on the YBR.


Correction: It's not strange at all. If she can make it snow, she can certainly make it snow in a particualar location and not another. She's a witch.

Sheridan Whiteside

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