Deliberate mistake: The coordinates listed for Hobbs' soccer game (34.1381N, 118.3534W) at the beginning are not actually a wooded suburban area with a recreational field, but are in fact the longitude and latitude for the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park in Los Angeles. (00:15:20)


16th Feb 2017

The Core (2003)

Deliberate mistake: During the crash landing of the space shuttle, its landing path is depicted as coming in from west to east, from over the ocean and coast before landing in the Los Angeles river. This course makes no sense. The way the landing is depicted in the movie, the shuttle is flying with downtown to its right, which would basically mean it's gliding from inland toward the ocean, or roughly the opposite direction of its initial approach. Yet the movie makes it seem as if was mostly coming down in a straight line with a slight turn to align with the river. In between the time the ship flies from over the ocean and finally touches down, it manages to fly over Dodger Stadium and disrupts a baseball game. Dodger Stadium is to the northeast of downtown Los Angeles and the flood channels where the shuttle lands. Further, the shuttle is shown flying from the outfield toward home plate, which, considering how Dodger Stadium is oriented, would have the shuttle flying north to south, perpendicular to a heading from the ocean toward inland. This is the real Dodger Stadium, and not a generic "movie stadium," as the Dodgers are one of the teams playing and the batter is Shawn Green, one of the real Dodgers players at the time. The only way the shuttle's movements make sense would be if it overshot the city completely, then made a sharp right turn to fly over the stadium before landing in the river, which is more or less south of the stadium. However, it flies over the stadium before mission control suggests a turn toward the river, and before there's any indication that the shuttle has deviated from a straight approach from the ocean toward the city (the mission commander is very worried about hitting the buildings). If the shuttle had enough time and altitude to basically turn around in its approach, it could have tried to aim for an airport or other landing strip within the city. The shuttle could have flown over Dodger Stadium from the ocean, but then would have had to land around Pasadena and not closer to downtown LA. However, in order to achieve a gag of the shuttle distracting the batter so he'd strike out, the shuttle had to come from the outfield; otherwise, the shuttle would have flown over the front of the stadium, so the batter would have had his back to it and wouldn't have been able to see it coming the way he saw it coming from the outfield, where there aren't as many structures to obscure it.


22nd Jul 2012

Space Camp (1986)

Deliberate mistake: The filmmakers wanted a scene where Andi is startled by Max as he spacewalks behind her at Daedalus. Given that the only way to communicate in spacesuits is through radio, and the two suits would presumably been on the same channel with the shuttle, Andi would have known Max was coming. Further, even if they were on different channels, why wouldn't anyone tell Andi that Max was coming?


27th Nov 2010

Toy Story 2 (1999)

Toy Story 2 mistake picture

Deliberate mistake: With upgrades in animation the house Andy's family moved to at the end of the first film has undergone some slight changes. The house is still the same general shape, red in color and with the doors and windows in the same place. But the Toy Story 2 version gained an arch above the front door. Also, in the first movie the house was in front of some large pine trees, there was a straight path from the door to the street, and there was a wooden fence in the front yard. In Toy Story 2 the fence is gone, the path from the front door bends toward the driveway, and the pine trees behind the house are replaced by generic types of trees. The house also is much more detailed (as is most of the animation compared to the first movie), allowing the shading of the brick pattern to come in. (00:10:25)


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