1st Jul 2010

Death Warrant (1990)

Revealing mistake: Outside the courthouse, there is a sudden downpour and the rain is coming almost straight down. Cut to a close-up of Van Damme and the rain is suddenly heavier, coming in at much more of an angle, and it's noticeable that Van Damme is not even getting wet. Cut back to the scene where Amanda is walking away, the rain is now back to being more vertical, is lighter and this shot shows that Van Damme's hair has not been touched by a single drop of rain.


1st Apr 2010

The Burning (1981)

Revealing mistake: In the raft scene where the garden shears end up hitting parts of the raft, there is one scene where the shears cut through one of the planks of wood. You can see that the plank gets cut too cleanly. No matter how sharp garden shears are or how fast they are being swung around, wood doesn't get cut this way. This plank has been pre-cut.


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